Sunday, June 30, 2013

My BU5 Experience

Just thought of writing this now since I've spent the past few days processing my employment (yes! I'm finally working again). I've crossed out another thing from my '2013 Must Do' list and that is to attend Bloggers United.

Bloggers United is an initiative of bloggers:

Melai Entuna (Style and Soul)
Ana Gonzales - (The Fashionista Commuter)
Aisa Ipac - (Drowning Equilibriums)

They basically want to gather the bloggers from different categories all over the country and build a community recognizing the massive influence of social media as of today. It's also a good activity where readers and bloggers can interact with one another. In the form of a blogger's bazaar, the Metro's most influential bloggers sell their personal stuff. Now, that's another way to connect with our favorite bloggers :)

So anyways, I got the opportunity to finally attend the Bloggers United 5 with my boyfriend last June 1, 2013 at the SMX Convention.

Ms. Danika Rio of (Hello Rio) and Ms. Lissa Kahayon of (Scene Stealer) are one of the most approachable bloggers  present in the event.

Blogger and Bb. Pilipinas World 2007 Maggie Wilson of (Haute Affair) and sister bloggers Vern and Verniece Enciso of ( A Blog by Vern and Verniece Enciso: V V) were also spotted.

A few more snapshots. On the right is me and Dani Barreto of (Style is Eternal). My boyfriend thinks she's a lovely and goofy lady.

We went there a little too late and there were only a few stuff being sold :( It was still a  worthwhile experience and I'm looking forward to more BUs in the future.

To my BU5 date, thank you for being supportive and patient with all the walking and fan-girl posing I did there. You're the best. :*

Pau <3

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Guilt-Free Change

Cliché as it may sound, a woman's hair is considered to be her crowning glory. I used to wonder why women who are in despair head to the salon and ask for a make over - dye hair, perm, rebond. style or cut. I'd personally interpret it as a means to regain the glory - be confident again, feel better/sexy/beautiful and so on and so forth. 

I truly believe that our hair is an extension of our identity. The way we style it. How we want it to be cut. The way we groom it, fix it, accessorize it. It's a part of who we are and caring for it is essential(Yes, even though my Biology professor told me that there can never be a healthy hair because our hair are DEAD CELLS). It reflects our personality, or so do I believe?

Talking about my personal transformation, HAIR DYE. In high school, it's obviously a no-no. In fact, I never wanted to dye my hair because I thought only punks appreciate that. Moreover, I just wanted to rebond my hair because mine was annoyingly waaaaaaaaavy. Back in college, I had the freedom and I started to grew fond of it because I have a lot of red-headed colleagues. They looked great, fashionable and in style.  I'm sorry but I sort of found the 'girlishness' in me.

Two things stopped me far too long for me to dye my hair. First, my supposed PAL employment. It's now over so I'm so free to do it (hair color). The second reason, however,  is about how would it look on me. I carried my natural black hair for twenty years. Though I've seen how it looked good on other women, I was hesitant because it might not suit me. I fear that it can make me look cheap or slutty.

Took the bold step several weeks ago not because I got depressed with my PAL application but because it's something I've been meaning to try for such a long time. Since it would not interfere with anything anymore, I finally had my hair dyed for the first time.  It felt great. I had it done at Ronel Egang's Salon and I obviously didn't took a wrong move this time. Red, Green, Purple. . . There are lots of colors I wanted to try but dared not. 

They said that with the absence of fear, change becomes successful. That made me go for it. Mama also agreed. I think my mom thought it would make me feel better after what happened with my PAL application. Honestly, it's not about that. This is just something I wanted to try.

THE END RESULT. Tah-dah! Been enjoying my blonde hair for quite some time now. Also,  my point of view regarding hair coloring changed. I must embrace who I am but it doesn't mean that I can do away without any change. Sometimes, changing is also about growing. Yes, the hair adds up to ones image but it can never be a basis to define us. I don't feel cheap nor slutty.  It's our actions and our character that would make us who we are.

Embrace yourselves and be fab lovies! :)
Pau <3

Sunday, June 16, 2013

PAL Flight Cancelled

After expressing my thoughts on my first job, let me now express my disappointment with PAL. I may not do this, but I want to. Almost everybody knows that being a part of this airline is a big career advancement and prestige especially for their pilots and FAs. With that being said, it is just appropriate that PAL strictly and thoroughly screen their applicants. I have nothing against that but I just hope that their application process and schedule of activities is systematic so as not to waste the time and efforts of the applicants. 

Initial Screening

When it comes to applying for a job, "we'll call you" most of the time, means that you're not hired, you better not hope anymore and start looking for another job. I sort of did this except for the hoping part since they stated that they'd call you if you pass the initial screening or you'd get an email if you don't. I got neither of the two.

Last March 1 and 2, Philippine Airlines opened an FA screening at Royal Mandaya Hotel (Davao City). I attended the second day and went through an interview, height measurement, filling up information forms, recording a video and having my picture taken. It sounds fast and easy but it's not. You have to wait for several hours because of the number of hopefuls.

Fortunately, we got in and we were briefed right after initial screening. The one who did the talking told us about the next step and that we'll be contacted after 2 weeks. Later on, I found out that some of my classmates passed the initial screening in the first day, too. However, in their briefing the staff of PAL told them that they'll call after a month. So what is it really? 2 weeks passed, 1 month passed and even our graduation day passed. I already went back to Manila, got a job and so are my classmates in Davao who waited for PAL to call. 

2 months passed. I'm also on the verge of my two weeks employment at an advertising firm when they called. May 7, 2013. I can clearly  remember  that it was after a meeting with one of our clients and my smile almost reached my ears as the person told me that she's from PAL and that she'd schedule me an interview with PAL president, Mr. Ramon S. Ang, himself. Thinking that I'm still in Davao, she offered a plane ticket but then I told her that I'm already in Manila. Staying for good.

FA Interview for RSA

May 16, 2013. We were asked to be at the PAL office at Mandaluyong by 8:00 am. I got there a minute or two before 8 am. There were already a lot of applicants that were screened from different parts of the country. I was also happy to see two of my schoolmates from Davao who got there. While waiting, a staff told me that we were not going to be interviewed. And yes we weren't. We were only viewed by PAL president for visual impact. Parang pageant lang noh? Mr. Ang was that busy because after an hour or two pa kami na-entertain. It lasted for a few minutes only. Some were not fortunate but a lot passed his standards.

After those bloody but fruitful hours of waiting, we were asked to take lunch and were given  the address where we are going to take our exam by 1:00 pm. Same day.


We took the examination at PNB, Macapagal. It lasted for almost three hours. They gave us a number to call and inquire if we passed the exam. Aside from that, we're individually checked up as well, physically. They looked at our hands, fingers, elbows, shoulders, face and even our teeth. I like their staff there because they're approachable and very organized.

Interlude: It just so happens that I also got something to do at TRINOMA by 10:00 pm. We had to ingress some stuff for our booth because we will be having a mall activation the next day. We finished the booth the next day and I got home from Quezon to Cavite by 3:00 am. It literally cost me my job.

I'm in such a good place, work wise. If it weren't for my dream job, I wouldn't quit my former job. But I did and I have to because PAL kept on scheduling appointments without considering the availability of the applicants. It was them who failed to call within their schedule, not all people can wait for them. Some people tried hard to be a part of them. And I'm one of those who have a pinch of regret.

Medical Check Up

May 20, 2013. The step I disliked the most because of their inefficient, unapproachable, inconsiderate and inconsistent staff. I no longer want to dwell on the details of how hard it is to talk to them and how they give instructions inconsistently. The bottom line is I get to be regularized if I signed  the undertaking stating that I'll carry all the expenses for the removal of my 3 impacted teeth. I signed last June 7 because they said I can still join the training on June 24. May 21-June 7, it took them that long to tell me that there is something that might disqualify my application when in fact I regularly call them for an update because that was their instruction. I'd usually get a "call again tomorrow" statement.

Last June 14, the others who passed already attended the orientation. My classmates in Davao who got in the initial screening never got an email. Thank you PAL for not having a word of honor. It would  be easily acceptable if you just said to my face that I can no longer proceed because of my impacted teeth when, in fact, you already asked me to personally go to your medical clinic just to sign a paper.

May you continue to shine through being the country's flag carrier, first in Asia.