Sunday, January 26, 2014

Batangas Roadtrip Photo Ops

That face. . . when asked by your parents to go out of town with them knowing no one the same age as yours would join the trip. Oh well, it was a business trip after all and my mom would have no one to talk to so I agreed to come. It turned out to be an interesting trip after all.
I didn't drive all the way to Batangas. How I wish. So the frustrated fashion blogger in was supported by my very cooperative mother hence the outfit shots. I'm I digging the jock-ey kind of look? LOL!
Oh, I did miss comfort dressing. It has been ages since I last wore a pair of jeans, sneakers, varsity jacket or even a cap. In short, it has been corporate attires for such a long time. Skirt, long sleeves, blazers; it'll by fashion statement for forever because of my job and sometimes it won't hurt to dress down.

To my lovely mother/travel buddy/food partner/photographer, may I have more road trips with you? :)
How about you? When was the last time you hit the road just for fun? Summer's near. Better plan for a long and fun road trip to the farthest beach :)