Monday, March 4, 2013

Paz Eatery: Kawali mo diha!

At a not so visible part of Bankerohan lies a series of eatery wherein you may enjoy affordable and delicious food that are genuinely pinoy.

My boyfriend first introduced me to the place when he found out how crazy I am for Lechon Kawali, deep fried pork belly.  Our favorite among them is Paz Eatery because we're a regular customer and we haven't tried any other eatery aside from theirs.  Maybe we should.

They offer a lot of lutong bahay food but I always order lechon kawali so I can't really generalize the taste of their dishes in this post.

However, I can assure you that a P50.00/order of lechon kawali is very worth it. Besides, a regular order cost as much as P250.00-P500.00 depending on where your are eating. 

That's a bigger serving compared to the solo serving this  eatery offers but if you want something that's budget-friendly, go check this place. If you're from Davao, I suggest that you really try this.

The two of us spent as low as P140.00 for 2 orders of kawali with rice and it fits our budget.

What I also like about the place is it operates 24/7. There were times where we get really hungry after a long night of studying, drinking or whatever and we instantly think of eating at the place.

Another winning signature of this place is their very delicious soup: Hinalang and Balbacua.

Extra rice costs P12.00 only. Sometimes, the fanciness of a place is not really the determining    factor of how much you can  enjoy a meal. As a matter of fact, we celebrated Valentine's eve here in this place and the company and the food are all it took to make my day :)

Tender meat, crispy skin and tasty food.
Lechon Kawali at Paz Eatery


  1. Hi Pau, there are also similar eating places at the Agdao Public Market. :) Your photos make me wanna go there now... *salivating*

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by. Yes, public markets are usually surrounded by eateries. I do enjoy eating here because there's a variety of viands to choose from not to mention, they're also very affordable. I hope you can pay a visit. Sabaw palang nila, ulam na :)


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  4. I also come here with my workmates whenever we get hungry. Working at a call center and especially in graveyard shifts ain't an easy job and most foods we only have access at night are fastfood chains and the regular chicken house, so this would be our go to place whenever we get hungry.