Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Royal Breadhaus Branch in Lanang

I'm a 1990's child and never really got the chance to spend enough time to know more about the local stores especially those that are proudly Davao's since I grew up in Cavite. I remember having a soft and warm pandesal or bonete for breakfast from various bakeries there. It's all the mini bread store in our place can offer because its the most saleable. Not much choices, right?

Davao, on the other hand, have a lot of food to offer in general. It's one of the Cities with the most number of local stores (i.e. clothing line, coffee shops, restaurants and even bakeshops or bread houses.).

With that, I want to share the newest branch of a home grown bakeshop in Davao. The Royal Breadhaus' 10th branch opened at a commercial area at Lanang near Phoenix gas station last November 10, 2012.

A few fellow Davao bloggers and I together with the other guests were invited to the grand opening of the Royal Breahaus Inc.'s latest branch. As we experienced their delightful delicacies and pastries, I must say that it must be the fruit of 29 years of mastery and hard work in the food industry. Mind you, there was never a franchised branch  because it's their family business and it's not surprising that all of their family members know how to bake.

Ms. Vivian Sison, Royal Breadhaus Inc. CEO, also shared that they are the industrial supplier of buns in the whole Mindanao (Shakey's, McDonald's...etc.)  and without further ado may I now present their products: Gourmet bread and Tricel's.

If you may have noticed under the Gourmet Bread, everything's not just for pastry  enthusiasts but for health conscious people as well who needs to watch  their sugar intake. These includes regular and wheat loaves, French bread, garlic bread, country rye bread and even turnovers. Ultimately delightful, right? And now, here's for those who loves sweets. Tricel's creations are the ones that'll fit your appetite :)


A snap shot with my fellow bloggers and the CEO of Royal Breadhaus, Ms. Vivian Sison. Thank you for the merienda treat and for this wonderful opportunity.
Yeay for the people who lives within the vicinity of Lanang, Davao City! You can visit this branch from 7am-8pm operating hours :) If you have further inquiries, you may like and visit their Facebook page:

TFS, Pau <3


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