Thursday, April 25, 2013

On Being a Woman

After Graduation

Time flew so fast that it seems like my first day in the university was only yesterday. I loved high school but I loved college even more. Maybe it was the new surroundings. Right after high school graduation I was sent to Davao (against my will)  to take an examination in Ateneo De Davao University. On my birthday, April 25, 2009, I got a Notice of Acceptance which means I got in. I considered that a gift. I adjusted for a few months and adapted for the next three years. I graduated last March 23 2013, decided to work in Davao but now sent back to Cavite where my family resides. I had to be separated with my boyfriend but I considered that a challenge.

Back in Cavite

After almost 17 years in school, I thought of splurging on travel and vacation. However, that was just a thought and there's no money to splurge (wish ko lang). I was a bum but it was very relaxing to stay at home, not think of deadlines or exams, eat, sleep all I want and go out with friends. It was fun but it wasn't satisfying maybe it was the lack of allowance. But it may also be the temporary pause in the process of learning.

I don't get why a lot of people remain unemployed for several months when a lot of opportunities are laid before them. When I surf the internet or watch television, I often see hiring advertisements (hindi pa ako nagbabasa ng dyaryo niyan ah).  To obtain a job is a choice and that is why pamudmud kung pamudmud ng resume. I sent my CV to different companies online and received calls for interview; I attended some of them.

Much to my surprise, I received a call yesterday (April 25, 2013) asking me to start reporting on Monday. What an exquisite surprise. After 1 month and 1 day from the date of my graduation, I earned myself a job. Another wonderful gift for my birthday. This weekend should be party-ful, if such word exists. Haha!

First Job

What to expect? I don't know, really. But I felt the need to make an impression, a good kind of impression. It may not always be true because it's subjective but it lasts. I kept reminding myself that I need to start learning how to wake up early. I need to be punctual and I need to stop acting like a child. Acting like a professional is a big challenge for me but I had to overthrow childishness if I want to be respected by my workmates. 

It's important to establish a good image because it'll give you a good reputation. I don't want to be known and treated as the 'bunsoy' just because I'm the youngest. Credits to my Practicum professor, Sir Rikki Enriquez. Now I'm blabbing. I'm excited to work but slightly saddened to leave my stress-free life however I must bid farewell.

Goodbye teenage life, goodbye vacation.
Hello womanhood, hello workmates! :)


Jmenuji se Paulina

DobrĂ½ den! Jmenuji se Paulina :)
(Hello! My name is Paulina)

The gorgeous woman above is Paulina but she's not me. She's Paulina Porizkova and I'm Paulina Briones. I figured that someone pretty might grace my first blog post on this new blog. However, it's not just the pretty face nor the same name that got me into her. I was really named after her because she was looked up to, fantasized and loved by some members of the family way back then. I do, too. Up until now. . .

Anyway, I just turned twenty years old today hence the blog name. I'm also the blog author of, a personal turned  lifestyle blog and, food blog. I lost interest in my previous personal blog because of the backlogs and I promise not to do it here.

The aftermath of graduating in college, being unemployed, bores me. It even bloats me. That eat-sleep-eat routine will literally kill me. Blogging would be one of the best distraction. No more epic unproductive  days. All thanks to my Davao Blogger comrades.

Have a lovely summer everyone! :)


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bon Chon Ricebox

There's always a time for fast food chains. Why? Everybody enjoys hanging out at the mall but not everybody can really splurge on meals. It's nice that fast food chains are here to offer affordable and delicious food, not to mention, kids love them so much. One downside of this though is you get limited choices, mostly fried chicken. Legs, wings, thigh or breast part? Not much of a choice, right? It's basically fried chicken.

Chops Ricebox (2pcs.) w/ Drinks

Beef Bulgogi Ricebox w/ Drinks

What do I like about Bon Chon is their signature double-fried chicken, ko-yo plus rice box value meals! They're affordable and it's something new because it opened it's first branch in the country last 2010. Yes, it's still fried chicken but it's tastier and crispier.

I'll leave the Chops Ricebox  review with my partner because I had their sweet and tender Beef Bulgogi. The serving is satisfactory and I really think that overall it's worth the price I paid. I can't wait to try the newest addition to their menu: Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi.

Bon Chon
SM Annex, SM City Davao
Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sinangag Republik: 24/7

I remember the sleepless nights, countless coffee cups and several midnight breaks during my college years where me and my classmates would spend the night at coffee shops trying to meet deadlines. It isn't the most affordable choice, but it was the most convenient place to meet, do group home works, presentations or even revise the different parts of our thesis.

Most coffee shops operate until the wee hours of the morning so there's no problem when it comes to where are we going to get coffee to wake up the sleepy person in us. However, when we are already bombarded and tired we tend to seek for food. Though we can afford to eat at coffee shops, it's really not practical to splurge that much. Besides, what we really come for is the wifi connection (sorry!) that leaves us to the need to find a place to eat without really hurting a student's budget. Thanks to Sinagag Republik! :)

Though it might be obvious that they're serving Pinoy inspired meals because of its name, what makes it more Pinoy-looking is its interiors most especially its facade. In front of the eatery, you can see a jeepney head connected with its body inside the eatery which serves as the counter where you get to place your order. It was really a cool idea.

To add up to the on-the-road-type theme brought by the jeepney, they accessorized their walls with different road signs, and plate numbers. Say hello to my dearest friends and thesis partners, Benj and Jam! :)

That's my troll face, or is it my hungry face? The place smells delicious because of all the meals we ordered. Feed us!!! I know you might have been expecting for a 'sinangag rice' (fried rice) but most of us chose to order plain rice instead because their 'sinangag' tastes like fried garlic with rice. Yung totoo, fried rice ba yun or fried bawang? *Peace SR* We still love our meal experiences at Sinangag Republik.

 Lechon Kawali Php 65.00

 Chicken Tocino Php 50.00

 Chicken Php 50.00

 Beef Tapa Php 65.00

Pork Ribs in Sweet and Spicy Sauce Php 69.00

**Sinangag (Fried rice) + Php 5.00
** Egg + Php 20.00

Sinangag Republik was a part of our student lives and we'll forever cherish those moments. 24/7.

Taste - 3/5
Ambiance - 3/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 3.5/5

Metro Lifestyle Complex, F. Torres St.
Cor E. Jacinto Extenxsion, Davao City