Sunday, July 21, 2013

PAL ICCT 13-06: Bound For Tagaytay

This day stirred my emotions. I was excited, pressured, scared and freaked out all at the same time. Excited because I'm moving a step closer towards reaching my dream but also pressured because I'm entering another battle ground that concerns my future, my life. Boy, I was also scared to finally go out to the real world where maturity and responsibility plays a big role. Though freaked out, I still feel blessed. Thousands aspired for this opportunity and I'm glad to be one of those who got the chance.

On July 21, 2013, ICCT 13-06 got completed for the first time. We were bound for Tagaytay for our 2-week Basic Training. From PAL In-Flight Center, we were brought to San Miguel Training Center, Tagaytay via two Philippine Airline coasters.

Here's the main building where our daily classes were held. I'm thankful for the very appropriate and relaxing amenities of  San Miguel Training Center that were lent to us. I've been in the corporate/media world in a short period of time and I learned a lot but I knew I wasn't meant to stay long there.

Not sure if I'm going to pass or fail, I immediately left my former job when PAL called. I am very fortunate to have been able to experience Basic Training in Tagaytay. Other classes didn't have this setup for it only started with the ICCT 13-01 batch (1st batch for the year 2013).

In addition to that, we are all flying international right away since domestic flights are slowly transferred to PAL Express. Everything seems to fall in its rightful place.

There's our room/meeting hall and my classmates who are all hyped to learn. It's like having another back-to-school syndrome. The only difference is that we get to study in Tagaytay, we have free accommodations and meals, corporate attires for uniforms and a very strict grade policy. You see, we're expected to get a 90% grade (for safety) and 85% grade (for services) to pass an exam. 2 failure calls for a removal. Parang PBB lang. House Rules is to Class Rules and Ratings/Rates is to Exam Grades. Haha!

Just like normal students, we get to spend the weekend for ourselves. We have a basketball court, jogging field, a couch with a television, billiard table and a gym. I forgot to mention the wi-fi. Everything is provided for us and I don't think I can ask for more.

We were asked to study, paid to study when in fact it was the other way around in college. My parents pay tuition fees for me to study. Other companies would ask training fees from their applicants and would have them pay for their uniforms and other stuff. 

PAL has provided all that we need and I'm trying to do my part by studying very well.

I've just graduated, just turned 20 but I'm looking forward to being one of the best flight attendants in the country even if it means going back to class again. So far, I don't think that the training is redundant because I've been learning a lot of things I've had no idea before.

It's another set of sleepless nights, countless cups of coffee and dark circles under the eyes but this'll all be worth it.

Flying with you soon :*



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