Saturday, July 20, 2013

PAL: ICCT 13-06

Last June 16, I poured my heart's discontent at a blog post here. It was a moment of acceptance that I may not be able to be a part of PAL anymore. It was so melodramatic but I have a basis for stating such. My schoolmate whom I processed my medical tests with already started her training for PAL, and I am so happy for her. That's when I thought that I didn't got in but I still continued finishing all the requirements.

After finishing all the requirements my schoolmate tipped me, I unexpectedly got a call from PAL last July 1. They were asking me to report to their office for final processing.


July 3: Final Processing
At 8:00 am, we're already at Macapagal Avenue. We were asked to submit all the requirements for processing (lots of filled up and signed papers) but obviously mine were incomplete.

After our medical test last May 20, all of us were asked to go back to Macapagal Ave. for the list of requirements except me. Everybody got informed except me. And that is why pala... the typical miscommunication. So there I was being paranaoid for a long period of time just because I lack the instruction others got. So anyways, Iv'e moved on. I already got my chance.

This day I managed to finish my training I.D., open a bank account for our allowance and register my account number at the payroll and timekeeping office. I'm really getting close to the realization of my childhood dream. I'm all set for my training that will start on July 15.

Come a few days before our training, it was postponed *sob* but only for a week. Haha! I'm giddy and excited. We're finally off to our training site tomorrow. That's why I have to cut this short. I need to pack my things. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who sympathized when I thought I didn't make it most especially to those who encouraged me to never stop reaching that dream despite almost being turned down. Ehem! Thanks to  Jam, Chino and my family :*

AMDG! :)


  1. Good luck and congrats on getting in ;)

  2. hi PO! @paulina, paano po mag apply sa PAL learning center? at ano po ang mga requirements? at magkano po ang tuition for cabin crew? thanks... :)

    please reply.

    1. Hi @Anonymous,

      For the requirements and qualifications of a PAL cabin crew, I'd like to refer you to our website:

      Thanks :)

  3. hiring ba always ang PAL?

  4. May I ask if they allowed your impacted wisdom teeth or you had your surgery? :) -anj

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