Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Roller Coaster

The year 2012 wasn't so nice to me in it first half. It has been a helluva roller for me because the turn of things wasn't predictable. . .isn't so acceptable.

I was so happy to hit the first month for being in a real relationship for the first time. However, it was also my first time to spend the Christmas (and New Year) alone. It was my first time to spend my Christmas vacation in Davao as well.

Our blooming relationship :">
A little ways down the road by March-April of last year; my boyfriend visited me in Manila for summer vacation. It was also my 1st time to celebrate my birthday (19th) with loved ones other than my parents. We (with my family) all hit the road to Ilocos Sur for a delightful summer.

After that, there was a sudden change of treatment towards my boyfriend. Back in Davao, I was kicked out of the house by June, few days before our classes resume. No financial aid came for my studies so I had no other option but to seek for my uncle's help. He paid for everything that I needed and he may not know how grateful I am.

If you're wondering why I'm kicked out of the house, I really can't tell. I, myself, am confused as well. I don't know what I did to deserve such. 

For the first time, I was troubled financially. I have to skip classes at times to give way to modelling rakets. There was a lot of expenses as I am a graduating student and I don't want to ask everything from my uncle.

I was at my lowest point for several months. thanks to Chino for not leaving me. . . I needed him more than I want him at that time. Thanks so much babs! :)

The latter part of the year was fun-filled though. Parties! There were a lot of parties (last school parties, blogger event parties and there's just too many to mention. Let le photos speak for themselves:

I got invited to Positive's premiere night at Gaisano Mall.
The 3rd year Mass Communication's tribute party for us, seniors :)
MC 3rd year party's theme: SEXY! :)
It was the most memorable slumber party ever. MC juniors and seniors + our awesome teacher = a great party :)

Awesome teacher = Sir Rikki and this bonggang intermission number :))

MC Senior's Christmas party :)
It was our first time to have a block Christmas party. . . and our last kasi graduating na. Ang corny noh. Sayang sana naman kumpleto man lang kami. Anw, we had fun (for those who were present) 
And so, for the major turnover of that year, I went back to our province for Christmas break and the rest was history. My mother started to converse with me again. It's as if nothing happened. As much as I want to question her, I'd rather enjoy the reconciliation. for Christmas' sake! :)

Pau <3

Friday, December 28, 2012

Dressed Up for Vegas

A person’s event visit would never be complete without his or her attire. People always put extra effort especially when attending birthdays, reunions and even Christmas parties.

 I think every girl had been confronted of the dilemma that she has nothing to wear (when in fact there are a lot of clothes in her closet) She just want something new.

I won’t deny that I am guilty of what I’m saying. I always want to get dolled up and wear something that’s in style. However, most students (including me) face budget deficit. Here’s my secret and a glimpse of what I wore to Davao Bloggers Christmas party.

The bead works <3
Flash overload. So this is how I look when I'm tisay :P
I really appreciate my morena skin tone  though :)

This candy green textured gown with a very high slit and a daring back matched our Vegas themed party. I wanted to pair it gold accessories and a pair of gold pumps. . . silver would also do. However, I’d rather be simple than over do it or worse, go over my budget.

A glimpse of me at the party: Photos above are from Kuya Mike and Kuya Fra :)

I think I pulled of a simple, sexy and classy look. Here’s some shots where my boyfriend and I took advantage of the street lights after the party. 

Hair and Make Up AND this DRESS for Php700 only
c/o Ate Mara :)

I hope I did justice to this dress.
Love lots,

TFS, Pau <3

Monday, December 24, 2012

Beloy's Lechon Belly First in Davao

This is a late post but I think it’s just in time for the Noche Buena and Media Noche. I am very grateful to be invited to grace Beloy’s Lechon Belly opening at NCCC Mall.

We we’re given a taste of a genuine Cebu lechonrecipe that is pure belly. It was seasoned with a lot of herbs (in which they don’t want to divulge when we asked for it) and I can attest that there’s really no need for the lechon sauce. I’m fond of eating salty foods and I am in love with pork so my verdict for its salty and aromatic taste plus its juiciness and the tenderness of its meat is an A+. 
Their secret ingredient is worth keeping.

Oh for the love of lechon, I highly recommend that you try them out. Buy the worth of your money with these boneless lechon --- just pure belly. Welcome their first branch which they decided to establish in Davao to serve us Dabawenyos first.

Don’t you just love this chunk of pork lechonon your dining table? Yummy :)
Happy Noche Buena lovies. Merry Christmas ^^,

TFS, Pau <3

Davao Bloggers Christmas Party

Hello darlings, I know that, if possible, cobwebs nearly conquered this blog. It took me a while to provide another entry. I just excited to share may Christmas 2012. I’d do it in parts because stuffing all pictures in one entry can make it heavy.

So back to sharing here’s my second Christmas party for 2012. Last December 7 at My Hotel (not my mine but it was really the venue’s) I had a gorgeous night with my fellow Davao Bloggers on our very own Vegas themed party entitled “Bloggers Royale.”


It was also the first time to award the outstanding bloggers of the year through our very own “Davao Blog Awards” Allow me to acknowledge them. 
Congratulations to the Winners of Davao Blog Awards 2012!

Best Beauty and Fashion Blog - Janvie Tiu

Best Tech Blog - Lyle Santos
Best Food Blog - Tere R-n and Charles Nierva 
Best Davao Gateway Blog - Davao Base
Davao Bloggers Central's MAD BADGER Award - Natalie Jill Lim
Best Personal Blog - Algene Cutamora
Blogger of the Year - Algene Cutamora.

Special Awards:

Best Dressed Male Blogger of the Night - Arjay Legere Raki-in
Best Dressed Female Blogger of the Night - Vanessa Mabini


TFS, Pau <3
Merry Christmas lovsies :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

OOTD: Colors of Hope

I feel so colorful today. This was the day hit Davao City and classes were suspended. How ironic, the what happened wasn't as colorful as these clothes. It was gloomy especially for the people at Cagayan De Oro and Compostella Valley.

I feel sorry  for the victims. This wasn't a good year ender. However, Filipinos are good in coping up and I know even if a lot won't have the will to celebrate Christmas they will face the new year with new hopes.

This was also a situation which brought us together - - - Bayanihan. For all the help/donations that came, I know it was appreciated by our fellow Mindanaons.

 Okay, a very very quick outfit post. I don't want to be so insensitive. The weather was cold so I give this pullover a spin. I'm glad it matched with my shorts.

 We were sort of thinking that it was a day to relax. Having no classes means a lot to 
stressed and bombarded students like us. 
We decided to see a movie. I loved "Rise of 
the Guardians" It sort of resembles the 
situation. There may be fear but there's the
 hope which helps us overcome the things we are afraid of.

#Pablo victims may have feared of losing everything but there 

are people who assures them 
that light will shine upon 
them. They can move on and 
continue with their lives.


Short/Dress Diaries
Necklace/Bazaar Finds
Style Revamp

Stay safe everyone. xoxo.
TFS, Pau <3

Giveaway Winner of Book Clutch

Oh, how super late. This giveaway ended last December 3. 
However, I think it needs a closure (parang breakup lang, haha
I'm sorry for the late announcement.

The winner is Ms. Maura Faye from Taguig City.

I already shipped her prize. It was my first time to like send something via LBC. 
I'm amazed she got it immediately the next day. Doof mode
Anw, to all who joined, thank you. Please join my upcoming giveaways. 
I smell a Human Nature loot and dresses on the way to be given to my dearest readers. 
I hope you all enjoy your Christmas vacation. Happy holidays! :)

I included a DIY bracelets, NYX lipstick in "chic red" and my bazaar finds:
necklace and ring inside the book clutch.

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TFS, Pau <3

Saturday, December 15, 2012

“Good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews”

Life is best enjoyed with a great partner that either highlights or compliments your personality. A significant person which would bring out the best and even the worst in you. This  also applies to the food and the drinks we take.

 Take for example these Lifestyle Brews of San Miguel. 1) San Miguel Premium All Malt is smooth and matches sophisticated palates; 2) San Miguel  Super Dry has a crisp taste and is good to drink while relaxing and; 3) San Miguel Cerveza Negra, on the other hand has a sweet aroma that entices ones pleasure to drink.

Each of these 3 has a distinct taste and is great even when drank purely or even without 'pulutan'. However, there's that various matches of different dishes which makes them a great pair and gives them that wonderful taste a person looks for when drinking comes into mind.

So here's our take on what can possibly be a good pair of all the 3  brews. We went for the "Pambansang Inihahain sa Piyesta" --- Lechon Baboy.

Separately, they already taste good but try consuming them together then it'll be a divine experience.

Drinking and eating lechon has been a symbol of celebration for us Filipinos. We spend time with our friends by hanging out and pigging out on different foods. At times, we also converse and catch up with each other over a bottle of beer or two.

Why not not combine the two and share a wonderful time?

It's not as if we're alcoholic but I'd rather refer to it as social drinking wherein the conversation becomes more entertaining when we're accompanied by San Miguel beer. 

After a busy week, we tried to trim  down our budget by not going somewhere to drink. Instead, we bought bottles of Cerveza Negra and San Miguel Super Dry and hung out at home. The experience doesn't matter in the place where you stay but with the company you have.

In our case, we chose to be accompanied by these drinks and of course its super yummy pair - - the juicy and salty 'Lechon'  from Beloy's lechon belly.

 “Drinking experience that’s above the ordinary”

So, how about you? What do you want to eat with your favorite San Miguel Brew? :)

TFS, Pau <3