Thursday, November 29, 2012

Java Jive: Home Is Where The Heart Is

I am really fond of being with my friends yet I know the importance of spending time with your family, making small conversations and just eating meals together. As we grow older, it may not mean much to us but it may mean everything to our parents.

Okay, enough drama. This post is supposed to give you a light mood and keen interest on family bonding and I think I'm not doing it the way it's supposed to be done.

Take two. This one's rhetorical. What do you usually remember when you encounter the word coffee shop?

I usually define coffee shops as a place with good ambiance where I can hangout with friends or a place where I can sip a good cup of coffee, stay up all night, surf the net and study.

However, after Java Jive opened it's doors to us Dabawenyos last November 10, 2012 at 1.18 Centron Building, Quirino Avenue, Davao City, I think I may have my perspective revised.

I'm being very subjective, eh? So, here's a few facts from the event. It's opening is graced by none other than, Davao City's Vice Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte. Moreover, fellow Davao Bloggers were also invited to the Jive with them and be the first to be welcomed in a different kind of "home."

All photos are mine except the two above
(c) Redpin

This "home" I am referring to is quite literal. First, it is an avenue for local bands to showcase their talents. All of the jammers are from Davao, some of them are a family band and their forte are Filipino originals. I'm loving the OPM vibe of the cafe. Love your own music and it'll definitely feel like home. 

Second, it is the foundation of some of the students they send to school. Please remember that you can be a star by purchasing a hideously expensive coffee at some cafes but here you can be a star by helping send a kid to school for every purchase you make. This social responsibility should really be brought up in every single home.

Lastly, the place is also a venue for bringing relationships closer. In fact, every Saturday is devoted for family day. These are the reasons I can validate when asked what is its edge from other coffee shops.

Indeed, the place has a very passionate concept for food, family, music and for what's truly Pinoy. On a separate blogger's event (November 18, 2012), I get to interview the man behind all of this.

I also get to know the regular schedule directly from him and I'd definitely be glad to share it with you:
Regular Days

Tuesday - Java Retro
Wednesday - Jammer's Night
Thursday - Java Jive Specials
Friday - Dedicated to thaking Juris (brand  ambassadress)
Saturday - Java Jive Live
Sunday - Java Jazz and Originals
There's a different category each day and I know everyone would enjoy each and every variation. Let's veer away from the notion that when there's a band, inuman na kaagad yan. I am supporting Java Jive in raising the standard of Original Pinoy Music.


1 & 2) There's a lot of goodies in store for you. I hope you get a chance to visit the place. Please try their tuna crust, it's my favorite; 3) Their frappes are very affordable and it's delicious; 4) Lastly, please meet Engr. Jarius F. Rosello. He's the CEO of Java Jive Inc. I know ladies. He'a a young entrepreneur at the age of 24. Moreover, he's the mastermind of this very "homey" place. The passionate heart of this young man for music and for family gave rise to a new "home" for the Dabawenyos, the Java Jive.

Aside from this wonderful and mouth watering surprise inside the box (the very first photo of this post) , we did enjoy the whole event of Java Jive especially the photo booth! Thanks Java Jive :)

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Royal Breadhaus Branch in Lanang

I'm a 1990's child and never really got the chance to spend enough time to know more about the local stores especially those that are proudly Davao's since I grew up in Cavite. I remember having a soft and warm pandesal or bonete for breakfast from various bakeries there. It's all the mini bread store in our place can offer because its the most saleable. Not much choices, right?

Davao, on the other hand, have a lot of food to offer in general. It's one of the Cities with the most number of local stores (i.e. clothing line, coffee shops, restaurants and even bakeshops or bread houses.).

With that, I want to share the newest branch of a home grown bakeshop in Davao. The Royal Breadhaus' 10th branch opened at a commercial area at Lanang near Phoenix gas station last November 10, 2012.

A few fellow Davao bloggers and I together with the other guests were invited to the grand opening of the Royal Breahaus Inc.'s latest branch. As we experienced their delightful delicacies and pastries, I must say that it must be the fruit of 29 years of mastery and hard work in the food industry. Mind you, there was never a franchised branch  because it's their family business and it's not surprising that all of their family members know how to bake.

Ms. Vivian Sison, Royal Breadhaus Inc. CEO, also shared that they are the industrial supplier of buns in the whole Mindanao (Shakey's, McDonald's...etc.)  and without further ado may I now present their products: Gourmet bread and Tricel's.

If you may have noticed under the Gourmet Bread, everything's not just for pastry  enthusiasts but for health conscious people as well who needs to watch  their sugar intake. These includes regular and wheat loaves, French bread, garlic bread, country rye bread and even turnovers. Ultimately delightful, right? And now, here's for those who loves sweets. Tricel's creations are the ones that'll fit your appetite :)


A snap shot with my fellow bloggers and the CEO of Royal Breadhaus, Ms. Vivian Sison. Thank you for the merienda treat and for this wonderful opportunity.
Yeay for the people who lives within the vicinity of Lanang, Davao City! You can visit this branch from 7am-8pm operating hours :) If you have further inquiries, you may like and visit their Facebook page:

TFS, Pau <3

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sweet Escape II

In my previous post, HERE, I introduced a place where you can go if you want to be away from the urban area. However, I know some people who loves to leave their polluted area (for quite some time) but not their activities (online). Being out of town and into a mountainous area also means you may not get hold of the internet connectivity you've been addicted to or even deprive you of getting the best the electricity can offer.

Worry not. I assure you that you won't only be greeted by the hospitable staff and ethnic-like interiors but with a taste of your urban lifestyle in a rural venue, as well.

When we got to the place, we had lunch and managed to settle down and prepare for work. However, we were distracted by the aura of the "Main House" where we stayed. After one preview of a snapped photo, we realized how it looked like we're in abroad hence we took several more shots.

It is obviously cold. Tanghali pa talaga yan ah and we're already wearing our jackets considering the house is not air conditioned. It need not to be. It's very cold already.

Their cameras are now laid for work. Sorry lang dahil na-out of place ang baby Canon ko.

Our task really is to shoot and make a promotional video and layout for the place. We had a few shots but had to wait until tomorrow because the rain poured that day and fogs already covered  the view.

 So what did we do instead? I told you tech savvies to not worry, right?

We watched Avatar and Iron Man in 3D! Woooo! :)Awesome, right? If you choose to stay in the "Main House," you can avail these stuff. It costs P7500.00 and it's good for 12-15 people. Great deal.

The whole resort is wi-fi din. 
Bongga, right? :)

There, I ended up putting the prices but if you have further questions please visit :)

Okay. Let's go back to my post, shall we? 

Ooops! I'm not a lazy worker, okay? I'm just doing my job. Mag-emote este mag-model. I know it would be very cold to dip in the pool if the climate is already cold however you can get used to it. Beat the temperature. Isipin mo nalang, at least hindi ka mangingitim. It rains there most of the time.

For some who wants to stay in doors why not play Wii, billiards or even visit their Karaoke bar. It's still on the process of construction but should you wish to avail the activity, the equipment is already available.

Haha. Hello CCTV camera. That's me smiling and waving at it. I know most of us consider the security of the place where we are stay so here goes my another "worry not" phrase from me because the place has a LOT of built in cameras to monitor everyone who comes and leaves the area. I hope you can visit the resort.

Safety FIRST! :)
Good night dear readers.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sweet Escape

At last I have now posted my sweet escape to Digos, Davao City last semestral break. My friends and I brought cameras and I really wanted to compile all the photos first before making a post. However, we are all so busy and I haven’t done it yet but I badly want to share this already so here are some photos for you to get a view of the paradise I’m referring to :)

Welcome to Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands. Aside from culture, Mindanao indeed has rich natural wonders as well.
Thanks for inviting us Madam Kimmy and also to Miss Nene, owner of the place, for accommodating us even if you're far away from here. Ate Nene is currently in Australia but her relatives are the ones who manage the area.
Here's a snapshot of me and my classmates Jam and Dimple :)

We volunteered and were sent to the area to work (all expense paid) but it was more of a vacation for us. The place is so tranquil, peaceful and quiet and the view is to die for. ATBW is a resort and recreational area that’s perfect if you want an escape from the busy and crowded life in the city.
If you want to go camping, then here's a gigantic tent for you. It has a lot of compartments and it sort of reminded me of an evacuation area (in a good way) haha.
...and this one, don't you think it somehow resembles the Banaue Rice Terraces? The view here is superb.
Instantly fell in love with this. Thanks to Louie for capturing this.
I know I also did mention of the low temperature. I can really compare it to the coldness in Baguio but much more cooler since it was raining by then.
So here I am. Posing. Not swimming? Of course I did. But I had to internalize before jumping into the water. It was freakin' cold :)
A part of their green house.
Mountains! Oh they're so dear to me (I used to be an active climber) I hope I can get together again with my club 'mates and go hiking with them again..

Greens everywhere. Cold weather. Foggy atmosphere. Birds eye view of the hills around you. A perfect scenery and a perfect description of “bukid.” In Luzon, we describe/define “bukid” as farm but here in Davao they also call the mountains “bukid.”

...will end my preview for now. However, if you want to know how to get there and how much will it cost you (a justifiable rate of course for a worthy experience), then go visit their website HERE.

The 2nd part part of this post would be about our play and work time :)

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