Monday, November 18, 2013

White Rose

Can you remember the very first bouquet of flowers that was offered to you by your significant other or by someone special? I don't. It was so long ago but I think it was on the very romantic Valentine's day when I was in elementary. It was the "awww. . . so sweet" moment of every girl.

I've got 3 red roses which I assume to signify "I love you" and that's all I can remember.

Fast forward to the in-a-relationship-me, I've never really been a fan of flowers. I'm the card type of person because it's more personalized and creative.

Girls would often receive flowers on the very special occasions and that's an SOP for their partners. Receiving flowers make women feel beautiful, special, appreciated and even loved.

Here comes an ordinary day from a freshly molded relationship and my boyfriend hands over a White Rose when he picked me home. That awww-moment when your not expecting to receive a flower. Before I could even say "thank you," I just said "What is this for?" with my smile almost reaching my ears. He just know how to make an ordinary day so special that I've been more appreciative of that flower.

When he told me that it signifies the purity of his intentions, I was just swept of my feet. You see not all people may like flowers and not prefer to receive one, but given by the right person at the right timing it becomes a very memorable moment. In my case, I always get one when I least expect it. Some people sure know how to make a surprise.

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