Friday, November 22, 2013


While browsing through my files and trying to clear the mess in my computer, I stumbled upon these photos. I suddenly missed Davao and my boyfriend who took these. 

I remembered waking up excited in the morning knowing that I'll be spending another day with him, meeting my friends at school, hanging out with my TRIMMOC buddies either at the beach or in the mountains (but mostly at the machine shop, drinking. LOL!) and occasionally attending social media events with my dear blogger friends. #nostalgia it is. I'm missing Davao badly :(

I also missed staying up late and just pigging out or driving around the city. Blabbering.

One of my many wonderful afternoons in Davao. I think we just got to the mall, asked him to take my picture (ehem! frustrated fashion blogger. . .) before hitting the mall.

I even missed Pinnacle Hotel. Haha! I can't wait to come back and maybe I can stay there and have my picture taken this time with Gaisano Mall as my background :)

Who's feeling nostalgic like me? :)


  1. And I miss seeing your OOTD photos (taken by your dear boyf) on your blog! the food too! hehe!

    Well, I'm all feeling nostalgic too because Pinnacle hotel is where I had my debut! I gotta find my debut photos and post it on my blog one day...

  2. Namimiss na namin ang presence mo dito sa Davao Bloggers Society! (Naks!)

    Bitaw, bisita sad diri ha! :D

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