Saturday, July 20, 2013

Iko's Garden: A Visit to One of Davao's Best

As I was trying to revive my food blog, I stumbled upon these pictures in my laptop. These were taken a few months ago and this is something one shouldn't forget writing about. It's one of my most memorable dining experience with my fellow Davao Bloggers.

Iko's Garden has been in the business for 3 years when we got invited for a dinner. We were all very astounded to have been known it that late. There were clearly no marketing or advertising strategy that was implemented to attract  more customers. Only word of mouth. 

This is owned by Mr. Ferdinand Galeno who named the restaurant after his youngest son Rico hence the name "Iko's."

He shared that more than profit, what he really cared about was to provide a convenient and relaxing place that can offer great dishes. He wanted to make people happy. Iko's Garden truly lived up to its name. Indeed, the place seemed like a paradise and people would definitely be joyful to experience such place.

The moment we arrived at the place, the first thing we recognized was he owns a huge piece of land. It was very spacious from the parking, to dining area up until the garden section. He definitely utilized the land and made a paradise in it.  

The garden looks magical at night. It is very  soothing to drop by in a place like this every once in a while. There's a lot of green and the air is seemingly fresh. We had a breezy night.

The place is rated G. Anyone can enjoy. If you're having dinner with your family, boyfriend or girlfriend, hanging out with friends or even meeting with your officemates, the place is definitely perfect. There are tables inside should you wish to face the television while eating, there are table fronting the garden and most especially there are those super cozy pavillions where me and my colleagues relaxed.

And yes, they have a function room and it can cater 12-18 person.

I almost forgot. There's also a bar wherein you can sing through the videoke machine, order alcoholic drinks and converse with whomever you are spending the night with. Their beer cost P38.00 and there's also a variety of wines to choose from.

Food post/review will soon follow, I can't wait to share all the dishes we've tasted because they are all so (please just fill in the blank once you've already visited Iko's)
They're open from Mondays to Saturdays (8 am to 12 mn) and 4 pm to 10 pm every Sunday so feel free to visit  what I think is one of Davao's best :)

Iko's Garden
Amina Way Business Complex,
Airport Road, Davao City
Contact No. 0922888IKOS (4567)

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