Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

Hello Summer! I'm feeling you.
A quick post for everyone.
This ensemble is something I wore last Christmas break.
There's a chilly feeling at night but I can't deny the fact that
at day time in Manila, the heat is unbeatable and so you just have
to go with it. Light and thin clothes, sunnies and shorts are the
best solution to these dilemmas.

So this was me stopping my brother to take pictures. 
It's time to head to the mall! :)

What do you think?
I hope you guys liked this outfit.
<3 <3 <3

TFS. Pau <3


I've finally worn a skirt and I don't look slutty at all. My hips make it hard for me to wear shorts/skirts because I instantly looks like a flirtatious b*atch (sorry for the word). I'm just glad that even with this skirt on, I can look delicate and pretty.
 I do, right?  Don't I? Please just agree. Haha.

Can you also agree with me that my skirt is the highlight of this post? I'm proud to say that I bought it for Php 120 only. Talk about thrift dressing. My sweater is actually long enough that it can be a very mini dress. It's my moms. I'm glad the skirt has a shorts inside so I was able to tuck in the excess length of my top. Lovely! :)

TFS, Pau <3 

Waiting In Vain

These are my shoes.

. . . and these are NOT.

But these are the choices my brother eyed for an hour because he can only choose one. I swear to my purple jeans that when it comes to shopping, he is more meticulous than me and my mother. He shops like a girl but I appreciate the fact that he carefully thinks and discerns on what he really wanted. Most of the time a votation happens because he cannot think of what to choose over the other. I'm also glad that he asks for my opinion. "Ate, anong mas maganda?"

Le big sister waited in vain because it's her brother's turn to shop.

I'm loving my purple jeans. The cam-whoring while
waiting for my brother is all because of the
Thanks Ma! :)

Christmas Break in a Nutshell

Family picture :)

I went home for Christmas and I've finally reconciled with my mother. It was a  year-long war with her in Cavite and I in Davao, there weren't any chances of  saying apologies. Last Christmas brought us back together and we're a better family now.

What I do love most about going home is that I can splurge on food and of course I get to enjoy my meal with my family. Here in Davao I have to  maintain a strict budget with regard to my food expenses but back at home, mama and papa would be very happy to  feed me.
I feel that I am missed :)

More family pictures! Have you noticed how we tried to match our outfit? Everyone must have the shade of gray. Before stepping out of the house, we make sure that we'll have our family picture taken.


We had also spent the Wednesdays hearing the Novena mass at Baclaran. Even before I was born, my mother has been a faithful devotee of Mary the Immaculate Conception (of Baclaran) You can't imagine how many people visit the church to mention their prayers and petitions. My mother is one of them.

I'm glad to have been able to bond with my Senior High School/Alberione family. I've been away for 4 years and I only get to bond with them during vacations but it has never affected our relationship.

Home cooked food (lutong bahay). It's another thing that I badly missed home. I really don't get to cook a lot at the boarding house. It's also different to have a mother who prepares 3 meals in a day for you :)

With my cousin and my brother :)
My New Year were just as happy. I've been online that time but decided to make the most out of my time by spending it with my family and not by updating my blog. HAPPY 2013! It's never too late. Photos! :)

Have you heard about the "goodbye Philippines" firecracker? Well, we did not use it. We had the most child-friendly fireworks because none of us want to welcome another year with a missing finger, arm, or anything. After a few fireworks, we hit the karaoke ad that's how we made noise :)

It has been one of the best Christmas vacation I ever had. I'm am now ready to face the Year of the Snake with high hope and a more optimistic mind >:)

Who want this wrap around snakes accessory? :)

TFS, Pau <3

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Theme Color

I know February is near but I can't miss posting our orange themed Christmas decoration last 2012 holiday. I've mentioned that I spent 2011 Christmas here in Davao and I was stuck at my boarding house: no Christmas, no decorations, no Christmas tree and just one gift. I miss feeling and seeing Christmas.

Behold our 6 footer Christmas tree :)
Blue and Silver is out for orange is rocking this Christmas tree :)
Orange curtains <3
It's the season where everything seems to match (literally and figuratively). Patched things up with my mom :)

Gifts under the Christmas tree :)
Our humble living room and my mess :P

This makes me miss Christmas and our home too. I wonder what our next theme color would be. How about emerald green, the color of the year? I imagined it to be VERY contrasting with the the tree's color and with the color of our wall as well :"))) What do you think?

TFS. Pau <3

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bioessence Launches Exilshape

Oooooh. . . boo for this backlog but nonetheless I've decided to post it. Bioessence conducted a press conference last November 26, 2012 to introduce their newest slimming treatment - the EXILSHAPE.

It was spearheaded by Dra. Guerrero, the birthday celebrant and the owner herself, Mr. Jules, their Marketing Director, and one of their endorsers Ms. Nikki Gil. Bioessence has been in the beauty and wellness industry for 18 years and I must  say they have gone a long way. They have incorporated technology to come up with good innovations that, over the years, changed the course of beauty perspective and industry.

I know we've been past the Christmas season where a lot lifted their diets and savored all the chances for eating delicious, delightful and fatty foods. Afterwards, a lot have been meaning have a new year's resolution of living a healthy lifestyle and losing the weight they gained. Moreover, summer is fast approaching and who doesn't want that body beautiful that fits in a nice trunk or bathing suit?

This now brings me to WHAT IS EXILSHAPE?

  • Exilis is the device (approved by US FDA) that can reduce fat, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • It is  non-invasive which means no break in into the skin will occur. This is not considered as a surgery. It uses thermal waves to heat up one's skin and target the fats.
  • This is applicable for those who are 10-15 lbs overweight. One must not rely on the device totally. This service focuses more on skin tightening rather than removal of fats. I put an emphasis on 'reduction' of fats and not total removal.

Grabbed this photo from Ms. Nikki Gil's IG account

So that's it. We must nurture ourselves inside and we don't have to wait until we reach 40's. Ms. Nikki Gil attended because she supports the campaign of taking care of yourself as early as 25 years old.

Davao Bloggers with Ms. Nikki Gil
We're not getting any younger. I myself would love to support this campaign <3

For inquiries, visit their website: BIOESSENCE :)

ParTea! ParTea!

I've had a ParTea! ParTea! earlier today with a new tea room opening at Jacinto St. to add with the several joints of options for milk tea lovers (including me) in Davao City.  Within 45 days, they were able to open 5 ParTea ParTea shops (4 of them are stalls located at Victoria Plaza, DMSF, Woodridge and one at Stella Maris Academy). Today, they opened in front of Ateneo (de Davao) campus and is now ready to serve us their delightful beverages.

Good news for SPCians, I heard they're planning to open a branch near your school. Back to my sharing, I got early for this event. There was a blessing ceremony, ribbon-cutting, snack and the moment we've all been waiting for - - - wanting to taste a new concoction/proportion of milk teas.

Even though they lack time in preparation, it doesn't really hinder the opening (as well as their products).  Take for example the cashier/front desk picture above this text, I find it really difficult to read the products from the menu board because the font size is a bit too small. I'm glad they said they would replace this.

Anyways, congratulations to ParTea ParTea for I know it'll be a hit to a lot of students from ADDU.

The place is not that cozy compared to coffee shops but it's air-conditioned and has a clean rest room. It's something that the nearby food corners doesn't have. I love it and I've just spotted a new place where I can have my daily dose of milk tea.

Above photos are what Jonas and Algene had: Pudding milk tea and Chocolate flavored milk tea, respectively.

Wintermelon was what I chose for myself. This is the most saleable flavor in almost all milk tea shops and this new recipe is a must try for me.

There are milk teas I do not wish to repurchase and this is not one of them. It's a little bit coarse but I think I like this proportion of milk and tea even though it may be a little too sweet for some. Their pearls are good, too. My boyfriend and I used to categorize pearls as: nanlalaban and di-nanlalaban. This one is under the first and thumbs up for that.

I also liked that their wintermelon has a mousse; it's something others don't offer. My verdict for this flavor is 4/5. 

To wrap up the story, me and my Davao Blogger friends are thankful for the invites to this opening. Moreover, we had a wonderful conversation, of course, over our cup of delicious milk teas. Happy tummies. Indeed, tea has never been so much fun! :)

ParTea ParTea
Jacinto St. Davao City

(In front of Ateneo)

For inquiries, you may visit their Facebook page:

ParTea ParTea :)