Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sweetiepies' Book Clutches

Backlog, again. But never mind that, I found (or she found me) a really nice online shop that sells cute stuff. I'm loving twitter since it makes me wander into some interesting boutiques online. The owner, Rachel, tweeted me about book clutches with a link of their Facebook page. The curious me immediately dropped by the page and I instantly loved their products.

I'm never fond of online shops because I prefer buying at malls. I do browse but I seldom buy. This is just my 3rd purchase from an online shop. I guess there's always a first time for everything and exemptions as well. Visit their Facebook page here: Sweetiepies :)

I purchased two book clutches, really cute, stylish and unique. One is for my personal use and another is for a lovely reader of mine.

I really wanted to jump for joy when the package arrived.
I'm that excited :)

She even wrapped it in a comics-designed paper and personalized it
by putting my name. Thanks Rachel. This is so sweet of you :)

The happy me.
 It's as if I received a gift but then again I purchased it
and I  know it's worth the price.

These are the designs I personally chose :)

I found this note inside one of the clutches and I felt grateful once more.
 Letters are my Kryptonite. It melts me, touches me :)

I can't wait to post an outfit with one of the clutch.
Please stay tuned I'll be giving one book clutch well because my blog turned
two months old last October 28. Time flies.

Good bye for now :)

TFS, Pau <3

Happy Halloween from Tea Amo

I'm home quite early and it's very unusual. The free spirit in me wants to rock a Halloween party but I really don't know where to go. I don't have anywhere to go. The closest thing to Halloween I can post is my visit to  Tea Amo last night.

Greetings from the staff of Tea Amo who served their customers in their costumes. 

Let's remember all the blessings we have and be grateful for it. Moreover, may we also not forget to pray for the souls of the departed. Happy Halloween! :)

...will post a giveaway soon :)
Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3

iStyle: Corporate and Casual BTS

I love to dress up when I was young - or rather it's my mother who wants to dress me up. She doesn't give much attention to what's in style but she can definitely pull out any outfit. In short, ang galing niya magdala. That's one thing I admire about her.

This post is about a friend's friend who ask me to style her. I hope the introduction's not that far out. Well, I lent her clothes for her presentation before so I assume that she must like what I've prepared. This time she needed a corporate and a casual look for her yearbook.

I was excited and at the same time hesitant. I, myself, don't have that much clothes. In addition, it's my first time. So here are some of the pictures BTS:



(c) Jamaica Delima
Thanks to Anne for trusting us, me and my partner Jam.

Now, what do you think? :)

Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Step by Step

After countless cups of coffee, cobra, consultations, group meetings, sleepless nights, eye bags making and manuscript revisions, our thesis group had finally presented and defended our study proposal. Even though our paper was sort of re-routed by the panelists, at least it's not rejected. It's something worth studying. This is our title: Role of Community Based Communication In Expanding the Farming Skills in Sitio Lumondao, Barangay Marilog Proper, Marilog District, Davao City. We'll be working on this after our break.

This is me with my thesis-mates. All smiles. Crazy people in action. We cam-whore every after an end of our meeting. It's as if we're not troubled, relaxed. The truth is we are deeply broke - financially, physically and sometimes emotionally. Thesis is a luxury we have to pay in cash, in time and in efforts and even sacrifices.

However, it's still an enjoying thing to do. Catching deadlines, revisions, conceptualizations - I think it made us a more mature persons, individually.

This is what keeps us going, aside from snacks. But honestly, we really have to place an order if we are going to stay at a coffee shop until 5 am.  A cup of coffee so we can stay there, avail their wifi and sockets. Quite fair.

When we are out of money to meet at coffee shops, we go online. Start Mart (Ecoland) is a great place to work at, fast wifi, has sockets, air-conditioned,  quiet and less expensive food (lots of options) to keep me awake. I must say that the area is really a nice place to study at since a lot of law and medical students chose to stay in this place when they're reviewing for an exam.

Meet our extended groupmate - my boyfriend. He's present in almost all meetings, very supportive indeed.

Of course, he's not just there to eat and give us moral support. He reads. A lot. For their recitation. He's a law student. It makes me think of our Media Law subject and I wish I already knew him back then when I was still wrestling with that subject.

When the pocket seems to be really complaining, work's done at home. However, after I eat, it can really be tempting to lie on the bed. I'm such a pig.

How haggard and groggy. One disadvantage of being along, nobody can control my vanity, facebook surfing, blog hopping and all other possible forms of  distraction while working :)

Don't try mixing the two. It ruined my stomach. I had a (toilet) situation after this

I'm really looking forward for this research to be done. We've been through A LOT
We'll be defending it in a few months. So, help us God.

I know some of you can relate in some ways.
Comments are loved.
Goodnight :">

TFS, Pau <3

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tea Amo's Halloween Corner

Fast-approaching, Halloween really is evident in every corner: jack o' lanterns,costume parties, trick or treat and even fun run with the zombies. 

This quick post is about our visit at Tea Amo a few days back. As usual, their milk tea is as satisfactory as ever. What I usually have is their Wintermelon Milk Tea with 50% sweetness level and pearls as my sinkers. A must-try :)

 Mr. Pumpkin there welcomes every customer, too. Such an updated feeling for them to decorate the place with spooky stuff. On the opposite side of the counter, there are cob webs and spiders.

However, this will always be my favorite corner. The cuteness of these colorful post its is just enough to give the area a vibrant and youthful atmosphere.

Aside from their refreshments, there sweets are also loved by their regular customers (including me). Oh, try the Creepy Pops, a special pastry designed because its's Halloween (obviously, haha).

To match that, here's our creepy faces posing for the camera. Such nice staff. Don't just stick and post a note, capture the moment in their Halloween costume corner, too.

You may also want to visit their Facebook page for more information -- Tea Amo :)

Happy Halloween everyone
Enjoy your semestral break

Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tested&Tasted: Sinangag Republik

Sinangag Republik is a restaurant that opened last June 1, 2012 and it's located at Metrolifestyle Complex, E. Jacinto Extension, Davao City. For the people who has a normal body clock and eats at the right time perhaps at home would be a more preferable place to eat fried viands. I, for one, lives in Bajada and I would not bother visit E.Jacinto extension just to have my breakfast.

So, the reason why I bumped in to this establishment is because first, I don't have a normal body clock. I'm a nocturnal creature. Second, we finish our thesis in a coffee shop near the area. 

A view outside the window

The concept of the place is well-thought of. The name and the decoration coheres with each other - - it's very Pinoy.  The name itself, as we all know, refers to Filipino fried rice. Another, Filipino pride is their interiors. The counter is designed as the jeepney's (a means of transportation in the Philippines) body while the head of the vehicle goes through the glass making it a pretty attraction at the restaurant's entrance.

The wall have been designed with different road signs and plate numbers. Isn't it cute? It's open 24 hours a day and I've always been there when the sun is sleeping. In those wee hours of the day I must say that the place is cozy and inviting.
Chicken Hotdog

Lechon Kawali

It's affordable (less than a hundred) and it's delicious too. Don't worry because they have value meals and I think you should give it a try. They have a wide spectrum of served viands that'll surely satisfy your appetite any time you want, literally. So, if you're fond of eating Sinangag visit them and give it a try :)

 For more information, you may add their Facebook account:
Sinangag Republik
Goodnight readers :">
TFS, Pau <3