Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Sunburst (A Little Too Excited)

We, me and my gluttony partner, tried visiting "Sunburst" for the first time. It's located at Tionko Avenue, beside Sutherland (Davao City). We heard that their chicken is one of kind so we have been wanting to eat there for a long time.

One day, more than an hour before my class, we decided to have lunch at the restaurant. I'm giving their SERVICE 1/5. 1 is for the effort of the employees. Why are the 4 points gone? When we entered the restaurant, nobody bothered to give us their menus until we asked for them. After getting the orders, we asked if how long would it take for them to serve the food because I'll be late for my class if it would be too long. They said 20 minutes. Imagine our disappointed faces when food came after an hour. It cost me a class! I was absent for one subject. The worst is they served the drinks after we finished the meal. We just got tired of getting follow ups for our orders.

I'm sorry but I don't intend to cause negative PR for the establishment. I would just advice that if you're in a hurry, choose another food chain.

FOOD 3/5. We went their for their chicken. For me, it tastes pretty normal. There's just something in the breading that makes it more flavorful. Still, it's a passing rate because their mashed potato is delicious and the mango shake is what makes me think that our visit was worth something after all. I do think that their using one of the finest mangoes for that drink. I love mango shakes and theirs is the best I've tasted so far :)

I'm thinking that there will be a room for improvement especially in terms of  the service they give. Employees are always the company's best asset :)

-TFS <3

M & G Jessica Sanchez

Why do you want to meet meet Jessica Sanchez?

That was the question I answered to win a meet and greet ticket with her last September 25. Even though I know that I cannot attend (because I'm in Davao) I pushed my luck and joined Bench's contest. Yes, the clothing line since Jessica is Bench's new image model.

Look what I discovered after I attended The Walking Recessionista's meet and greet.
" I deserve to win an entry pass because a proud Filipina, wants to meet her Filipina idol"
That is my tweet. I'm so glad that my answer was chosen and for that I get to have an entry pass to meet and greet the world-famous singer, Jessica Sanchez! :) Unfortunately, I cannot come because I'm in Davao.  Still, the ticket wasn't put to waste. With an authorization letter, it was transferred to my friend's friend who is a fan. She paid me a reasonable amount for that. I'm glad she enjoyed. As for the money she sent, it was used  to complete my subscription fee to our yearbook which is quite costly.

What a blessing in disguise :)

-TFS <3

Epic Class Picture is Epic

Hi dear readers. I'm not aware if you already know that I'm a graduating student already but I just wanted to show you our awesome class picture. Well, this has been all over the Facebook because the class (each and everyone of us) made it our FB account cover page yet I posted it here for other people to see. Well, another reason is because I'm about to blog something - - some things. I really don't know what to post first because it has been accumulated due to heavy schedules *Sigh*

Anyways, here's our class picture. These are my Mass Communication classmates (section A). Yeah! Sort of bragging :D

(c) Adi Leuterio

This was taken at the VIP cinema of Gaisano Mall of Davao. We wanted it to be "tatak" mass communication without overdoing it yet achieving 'magis.' Do you like it? Other classes do have creative concepts, too.
Thanks for viewing
-from ADDU AB MC Batch 2013

-TFS <3

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From Blogosphere to Reality

I just won a meet and greet contest and McDo blowout with none other than, The Walking Recessionista herself, Miss Cheyser :) This was unexpected and the moment I was told that I won, I just couldn't take the smile off my face. An ultimate fan girl, that is. Who doesn't want to? A lot of bloggers look up to her because there are a lot of beautiful things about her.
...and it's for me to find out :)

What is Cheyser like in person?

She's really pretty. She's simple, jolly, smiles most of the time and has a very sweet voice.

Aw, she personally serve us our treats from McDo. I can say that she's a humble person even if she can be considered as a celebrity in the different social networks.

These were are food. Thanks McDo! :)

Here are my fellow bloggers who also won :)

The food made our tummy full but our experience with Miss Cheyser made our day. That's me. The ultimate fan girl in her tee. It's shameful that I wasn't able dress presentably (I went straight to the meet & greet venue after I worked under time that day)

Now there she is giving me my last favor. I asked for an autograph but she gave me a letter instead. Sweet! :">

From Ate Cheyser:

Have a good day everyone! Never stop believing :)

-TFS <3

Monday, September 24, 2012

Black, Red & White

These are my top 3 favorite designs from RM's 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

A well renowned fashion designer from New York, Ms. Minkoff for me has always been a woman of style and elegance. 

To my readers, I just wanted to share what's in store for us this coming summer. Prints! More of them. Hence I chose these 3 designs which plays prints, bold colors and gradients.

More designs at her website:

-TFS <3

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Ruins


Photos By: Chino Antepuesto

By reading random blogs, I get to discover a lot of interesting stuff such as trends, online shops and even giveaways! The first time I joined a blog giveaway was memorable because I won. Beginner's luck maybe. After that, I started frequently updating my blog, following bloggers, purchasing from online boutiques and even pushing my luck in giveaways.

To cut the long story short, I joined Converse giveaway here. I took out my old pair of chucks I had since 4th year high school and did an instant  shoot for my entry.

Push your luck as well and send your entry. You may win 2 pairs of chucks from Converse's newest collection :)

Shoes: Converse

Bye for now. G'nyt readers :)

-tFS <3

Friday, September 21, 2012

I Just Can't Get Enough

This is my 3rd black pumps and I just can't get enough. It's not about its fail safe tendency when pairing it to my outfit but there's something about black heels that makes me prefer them over the others. I've been planning to buy printed or neon colored ones but I loved to grab this first. Primadonna never fails to satisfy me when it comes to durability, affordability and comfortability (no such word?) of their shoes.
I've been eyeing this for a few months and I'm glad I received this as a 10th monthsary gift :)) Thanks Babs :*

I can't wait to match this with an outfit :))

Another lipstick/lip cream from Excel Paris. Almost all of my classmates have this. It's like a class brand of lip cream with different shades :D

Back to thesis mode
Enjoy your weekend :"))

I Love BonChon

I think that this is blog worthy because I want to share our first experience with Bon Chon at SM Annex Davao. There I am (again) wanting to buy my milk tea because I'm already full. Fortunately, they ran out of products and we ended up getting something at Bon Chon. My partner tasted their controversial chicken while I ordered their Ko Yo (Korean Yogurt) instead.


We said that it was a unique chain experience and is very far from the other fast food chains. oh! I've recently found out that Bon Chon means 'original village' in Korea. It's as interesting as their spicy glazed yet crispy and non-greasy chicken. It's very delicious! :)

Talk about the house-blended iced tea, it's one of the best iced tea I've tasted that fare rom food chains. Lastly, my favorite is their Banoffee Pie-flavored KoYo. I'm  not a fan of Yogurts but this one really caught me :">

You? What is your Bon Chon experience? :)

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-tFS <3

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Taste of Hollywood

Script-Designed Menu
My gluttony partner <3

I was dismissed early from class and decided to have milk tea at Gaisano Mall. Good thing the place was crowded so we ended up visiting the peak and there we saw HOLLYWOOD BURGERS. That was our first time to visit the place and we'll surely come back.


The concept of the restaurant itself is already inviting and the atmosphere inside makes you feel like you're really in Hollywood. Oh! The chairs really caught our attention. It looked like Director's seats inked with famous Hollywood actor's names. I really love the place. Aside from they have good food, they also have clean restroom as well. It's a must for me. :">

FOOD 4/5

She's Crazy Burger P169
Donkey's Favorites (Pancakes) P99
Hollywood Sour Cream Fries P65
Iced Tea P25

As I've said, the food is good and we'll be be visiting again. It's affordable and your money would  be worth it since everything is big. Literally BIG. The burger is flavorful. The patty of the one I ordered was cooked in the way I wanted it to be - well done with the right proportion of  fats in it.
 Perfectly crazy! :)

What was your recent food tripping experience? :">

-TFS <3
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