Saturday, June 29, 2013

Guilt-Free Change

Cliché as it may sound, a woman's hair is considered to be her crowning glory. I used to wonder why women who are in despair head to the salon and ask for a make over - dye hair, perm, rebond. style or cut. I'd personally interpret it as a means to regain the glory - be confident again, feel better/sexy/beautiful and so on and so forth. 

I truly believe that our hair is an extension of our identity. The way we style it. How we want it to be cut. The way we groom it, fix it, accessorize it. It's a part of who we are and caring for it is essential(Yes, even though my Biology professor told me that there can never be a healthy hair because our hair are DEAD CELLS). It reflects our personality, or so do I believe?

Talking about my personal transformation, HAIR DYE. In high school, it's obviously a no-no. In fact, I never wanted to dye my hair because I thought only punks appreciate that. Moreover, I just wanted to rebond my hair because mine was annoyingly waaaaaaaaavy. Back in college, I had the freedom and I started to grew fond of it because I have a lot of red-headed colleagues. They looked great, fashionable and in style.  I'm sorry but I sort of found the 'girlishness' in me.

Two things stopped me far too long for me to dye my hair. First, my supposed PAL employment. It's now over so I'm so free to do it (hair color). The second reason, however,  is about how would it look on me. I carried my natural black hair for twenty years. Though I've seen how it looked good on other women, I was hesitant because it might not suit me. I fear that it can make me look cheap or slutty.

Took the bold step several weeks ago not because I got depressed with my PAL application but because it's something I've been meaning to try for such a long time. Since it would not interfere with anything anymore, I finally had my hair dyed for the first time.  It felt great. I had it done at Ronel Egang's Salon and I obviously didn't took a wrong move this time. Red, Green, Purple. . . There are lots of colors I wanted to try but dared not. 

They said that with the absence of fear, change becomes successful. That made me go for it. Mama also agreed. I think my mom thought it would make me feel better after what happened with my PAL application. Honestly, it's not about that. This is just something I wanted to try.

THE END RESULT. Tah-dah! Been enjoying my blonde hair for quite some time now. Also,  my point of view regarding hair coloring changed. I must embrace who I am but it doesn't mean that I can do away without any change. Sometimes, changing is also about growing. Yes, the hair adds up to ones image but it can never be a basis to define us. I don't feel cheap nor slutty.  It's our actions and our character that would make us who we are.

Embrace yourselves and be fab lovies! :)
Pau <3

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