Thursday, September 27, 2012

M & G Jessica Sanchez

Why do you want to meet meet Jessica Sanchez?

That was the question I answered to win a meet and greet ticket with her last September 25. Even though I know that I cannot attend (because I'm in Davao) I pushed my luck and joined Bench's contest. Yes, the clothing line since Jessica is Bench's new image model.

Look what I discovered after I attended The Walking Recessionista's meet and greet.
" I deserve to win an entry pass because a proud Filipina, wants to meet her Filipina idol"
That is my tweet. I'm so glad that my answer was chosen and for that I get to have an entry pass to meet and greet the world-famous singer, Jessica Sanchez! :) Unfortunately, I cannot come because I'm in Davao.  Still, the ticket wasn't put to waste. With an authorization letter, it was transferred to my friend's friend who is a fan. She paid me a reasonable amount for that. I'm glad she enjoyed. As for the money she sent, it was used  to complete my subscription fee to our yearbook which is quite costly.

What a blessing in disguise :)

-TFS <3