Friday, May 17, 2013

Thoughts on My First Job

After the Summer Solstice, here's a more serious post. 37 days after graduation, I'm finally EMPLOYED.What I thought that I liked about the job:  The Setup. I reside in Cavite and I got a job from the North. It's almost a 2-hour travel depending on traffic however I don't feel exhausted because work from the office is only thrice a week. We get to work from home every Tuesdays and Thursdays. Moreover, I don't need to get up that early because the office opens at 10 am. Lucky us! :)

I lasted for 2 weeks. It's not that I don't want my job, it's just that I have to quit. We decided to quit. As a matter of fact, I loved my job and I'd often tell my friends how much I enjoy it. Besides, it really suits my degree and I'm comfortable and at ease with my employer even when I was still being interviewed for the position.

For those who are clueless,  I was hired as an Assistant Project Manager at an advertising firm somewhere in Ortigas. I looked up to the heavy projects done by such a small and amateur ad firm. I once dreamed to grow with it and be with them as I advance my career.

First Day

I wore a very simple aztec blouse and jeggings. I love how free we are to dress up in the office. No uniforms but decent clothes would do. It's hard move around and catch a bus on the way to work with a skirt or with high heels on. I've witnessed how it can be a disadvantage to other women.

We have this small but spacious office at Burgundy Tower fronting Robinson's Galleria. It's just enough for us since there's only a few employees and we only use it thrice a week. On my very first day, I was asked to co-brainstorm in a meeting for a certain project for a soda company. I was asked to make a PPT presentation and I remember being mentored by my boss on how to write a brief business letter. He said that my writing style fits blogging and that it should be adjusted. Well, that's acceptable.

So back to my first day at work, what I  also liked about it is that we don't get to be stucked in the office. We get to go out and travel a lot especially during meeting with the clients. Got this picture from my very first client meeting; with the big boss of a huge juice company. Well aside from getting connection, I'd love that I also get the chance to build relationships. As I met my immediate supervisor, Ma'am Nikki, who will train me  to be better in the this job, I find her really helpful. . .  and concerned. 

At Work

Upper left: That was a part of our small office I was  talking about. In their, we usually work in front of our work units. Emails, presentations, research, etc. . . Lower left: Since everybody got a laptop to work on, my boss bought additional units and I got this one to work with. Upper left: We must be reachable at all times both online and thru mobile phones. I used to get a lot of calling errands because I need to update on a lot of steps in bringing up an event from the teenie tiny details to the major ones. I contact suppliers, ask for quotations, set an order and etc. Lower right: Checking event locations and ocular visits are fun too. I get to familiarize different areas in the North. Yay! :)

A fair share of my time. When I'm sent to do an errand alone, here's what usually happens. I do this at the cab, at the mall or wherever I caught myself bored or waiting for another errand. Best job eveeeeer. It really is an advantage if you love what you're doing. You should be happy so that you'll only encounter physical stress and not mental or emotional exhaustion.

Let's wrap up this post: what I do really like about the work is that I'm able to learn a lot of stuff, meet different kinds of people and be my self. Those two weeks were a priceless experience. If only the company gives a much better form of security and assurance to the employers, we could have stayed. 

For all who have read this and currently hunts a job, good luck! :*



  1. Well, you had just given up some of the most critical information about yourself. :D Is that your phone number?

    1. As what I've said, it's something I never get to use. They're no longer mine. But since you have a point, I can take it down. Thanks :)