Friday, April 5, 2013

Sinangag Republik: 24/7

I remember the sleepless nights, countless coffee cups and several midnight breaks during my college years where me and my classmates would spend the night at coffee shops trying to meet deadlines. It isn't the most affordable choice, but it was the most convenient place to meet, do group home works, presentations or even revise the different parts of our thesis.

Most coffee shops operate until the wee hours of the morning so there's no problem when it comes to where are we going to get coffee to wake up the sleepy person in us. However, when we are already bombarded and tired we tend to seek for food. Though we can afford to eat at coffee shops, it's really not practical to splurge that much. Besides, what we really come for is the wifi connection (sorry!) that leaves us to the need to find a place to eat without really hurting a student's budget. Thanks to Sinagag Republik! :)

Though it might be obvious that they're serving Pinoy inspired meals because of its name, what makes it more Pinoy-looking is its interiors most especially its facade. In front of the eatery, you can see a jeepney head connected with its body inside the eatery which serves as the counter where you get to place your order. It was really a cool idea.

To add up to the on-the-road-type theme brought by the jeepney, they accessorized their walls with different road signs, and plate numbers. Say hello to my dearest friends and thesis partners, Benj and Jam! :)

That's my troll face, or is it my hungry face? The place smells delicious because of all the meals we ordered. Feed us!!! I know you might have been expecting for a 'sinangag rice' (fried rice) but most of us chose to order plain rice instead because their 'sinangag' tastes like fried garlic with rice. Yung totoo, fried rice ba yun or fried bawang? *Peace SR* We still love our meal experiences at Sinangag Republik.

 Lechon Kawali Php 65.00

 Chicken Tocino Php 50.00

 Chicken Php 50.00

 Beef Tapa Php 65.00

Pork Ribs in Sweet and Spicy Sauce Php 69.00

**Sinangag (Fried rice) + Php 5.00
** Egg + Php 20.00

Sinangag Republik was a part of our student lives and we'll forever cherish those moments. 24/7.

Taste - 3/5
Ambiance - 3/5
Service - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Overall Value - 3.5/5

Metro Lifestyle Complex, F. Torres St.
Cor E. Jacinto Extenxsion, Davao City


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