Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jmenuji se Paulina

Dobrý den! Jmenuji se Paulina :)
(Hello! My name is Paulina)

The gorgeous woman above is Paulina but she's not me. She's Paulina Porizkova and I'm Paulina Briones. I figured that someone pretty might grace my first blog post on this new blog. However, it's not just the pretty face nor the same name that got me into her. I was really named after her because she was looked up to, fantasized and loved by some members of the family way back then. I do, too. Up until now. . .

Anyway, I just turned twenty years old today hence the blog name. I'm also the blog author of, a personal turned  lifestyle blog and, food blog. I lost interest in my previous personal blog because of the backlogs and I promise not to do it here.

The aftermath of graduating in college, being unemployed, bores me. It even bloats me. That eat-sleep-eat routine will literally kill me. Blogging would be one of the best distraction. No more epic unproductive  days. All thanks to my Davao Blogger comrades.

Have a lovely summer everyone! :)



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