Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bon Chon Ricebox

There's always a time for fast food chains. Why? Everybody enjoys hanging out at the mall but not everybody can really splurge on meals. It's nice that fast food chains are here to offer affordable and delicious food, not to mention, kids love them so much. One downside of this though is you get limited choices, mostly fried chicken. Legs, wings, thigh or breast part? Not much of a choice, right? It's basically fried chicken.

Chops Ricebox (2pcs.) w/ Drinks

Beef Bulgogi Ricebox w/ Drinks

What do I like about Bon Chon is their signature double-fried chicken, ko-yo plus rice box value meals! They're affordable and it's something new because it opened it's first branch in the country last 2010. Yes, it's still fried chicken but it's tastier and crispier.

I'll leave the Chops Ricebox  review with my partner because I had their sweet and tender Beef Bulgogi. The serving is satisfactory and I really think that overall it's worth the price I paid. I can't wait to try the newest addition to their menu: Crunchy Chicken Bulgogi.

Bon Chon
SM Annex, SM City Davao
Quimpo Boulevard, Davao City


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