Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cafe Uno: The Valentines Lunch Date

We spent a very simple Valentine's eve at an eatery at Bankerohan (see my post here), an unexpected bouquet of flowers and a short study session at Starmart, Ecoland.

Never did I expect (again) that he'd bring me to Cafe Uno for our Valentine's date. Food-gasm, food porn, food galore! I was so happy with the lunch buffet.

Unfortunately, there were a few couple who celebrated Vday at Cafe Uno but here's our experience and you might want to consider the restaurant for your next special day with your loved one.

Since there were a lot of appetizers to choose from, I just mix all that I want in my plate. I had those frozen meat: Salami and Coppa Ham but what I enjoyed the most is their Mango Salsa & Shrimp Salad.

Something to warm our our stomach; my boyfriend liked this soup: Hot & Sour. True to its name it, it's sour but it's the good type of sour, an appetizing one. It's a type of Chinese soup with different types of mushrooms in it.

Malaysian Beef Kendang. I'm not saying that I don't like this dish but we were both disappointed. The meat is not tender; it's hard to chew. Moreover, it's too salty.

Steamed Guindara in Soya Sesame Ginger. It's an interesting recipe and we loved how the sweetness comes after you tasted the saltiness.

Szechuan Egg Noodles with Shrimp. It's my first time to try egg noodles so I have no comparison to present. However, if I may share my thoughts, I must say that the shrimp complemented the exotic taste of the egg noodles and I feel like I'm eating ramen minus the soup.

There were several other choices for the main course but I opted to grab dessert because I am so excited to devour them. I've been eyeing their heart-shaped cheesecakes but when I finally got up to take pictures, they were already sliced and so I came up with combining them and making them look perfectly whole but then I failed.

Strawberry and Blueberry Cheesecake. I'm sorry I murdered the appearance of the cheesecake but they still taste heavenly so I did not care about how it looked at all. This was actually my favorite dessert because I think that it has the perfect level of smoothness and creaminess I look for in a cheesecake.

I don't know what the colorful dessert is called but I think I may describe its taste. Pink, white and mint green. Each color has a distinct taste. Sour-Sweet-Sweet, respectively. The distinct flavors explodes in the mouth and then harmonizes eventually. It tastes good.

You see, I tasted a lot of other desserts and pastries because they are delightful to look at. The presentation is wonderful and inviting. I'd also want to conclude that even if we haven't really enjoyed the viands, we're glad to end the meal with these delicious desserts.

Regular buffet costs P700.00 at Cafe Uno but it's subject to change. I'm glad we used a GC and need not spend so much for the lunch date. Moreover,  if I were to rate the experience it'll be 3.5/5. They have to improve on the taste of their food. What I like though is the excellent service. The staff were hospitable and well trained.

What a great news; Brewed Coffee is included in the buffet. It's appropriate for the breakfast and even for lunch buffet. Since coffee is a staple in almost all breakfast table, it's unquestionable. For lunch wherein you get to meet people to settle or discuss something, I think  this is the best beverage to fight the lazy time of noon.

The only thing we actually paid was his Pineapple Shake and my Frappuccino. For a small glass of shake I think it's a bit too expensive. In contrary, I understand that it's a reasonable for their target market. This is a perfect pineapple shake though. It's fresh and I've tasted nothing like this in other restaurants. I have a few restos in mind when I'm looking for a certain kind of fresh  fruit shake. So if you love pineapple and  wants that refreshing shake, I think Cafe Uno has the best blend of this drink.

My frappuccino was rare. They don't have various flavors for their frappes; they only have one and I don't think that this would fit the taste of teens. They're for young adults and professionals to be appreciated. You get to have that sweet frappe but it'll leave you a tolerable bitter taste afterwards. It's really good.    

Cafe Uno

Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao
Km. 7 Lanang, Davao City


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