Sunday, March 24, 2013

Xocolat: How Sweet

Filipinos are known to be hospitable. We are always pleased  to welcome visitors be it a relative, friend or even a stranger. On the other hand, we have also valued the essence of bringing pasalubong if we are going to visit another place so that the people who will welcome us may feel our gratefulness or kindness in return.

I've been staying in Davao for 4 years already and I've been meaning to explore all cafes and restaurants in the area. Since I always stay at home in Manila, I can honestly say that it'll be easier for me to tour a friend in Davao than in my own hometown. Okay, back to my point. My friend visited Davao and I got this very adorable and seductive chocolate - Xocolat.

Why adorable? Look at this sleek and elegant box! The branches of Xocolat are in Metro Manila and QC (the ones I know of), I rarely go there so I'm not very familiar with souvenir or pasalubong shops there. It just look so presentable and I really love the packaging.

Have me. 
Consume me.
Love me.

These are the 6 words that made me think of seduction. This chocolate is so inviting. Kahon pa lang yan ah! That's effective advertising. Now since it's my first time to receive such, I didn't keep it to myself and decided to share it with my friends.

It's composed of 6 gigantic chocolate bars/brownies that are individually wrapped. There's obviously a variety to choose from. However, I think we haven't consumed it in the best way possible. It was supposed to be re-heated (of course hot chocolate nga daw eh) but we just ate it right after we uncovered it. It was delicious but it was definitely a wrong moved. Reheating it would've made it more delightful by toning down the sweetness.

I'm grateful for the chocolates though. Thank you friend ;)


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