Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tea Amo's Hickory Smoked Ribs

Tea Amo is not my usual lunch spot. I'd visit the place only if I'm craving for milk teas but this noon  was different. I remember grabbing cupcakes and wedges from the place but it's my first time to actually taste one of their rice meals.

It's actually nice to visit by lunch because there's only a few people hanging out at the place. It's as relaxing as ever especially when you see a lot of post-its on the wall where a lot of visitors place their doodles. It's simply cute and romantic in a way.

Scarlet Milk Tea
P80 (Large)

Wintermelon is always a safe choice when it comes to milk tea flavors. To veer away from the usual, I've tried Scarlet. It's refreshingly sweet and unique in flavor. Two thumbs up for this milk tea. I'd definitely be willing to shell out P80 for a milk tea of this size and of satisfying taste.

Hickory Smoked Ribs

Thumbs up. I like the presentation of the rice though the meat does not look so appetizing. In the contrary, I like that it was served in no time and the meat is and savory and spicy I just wish that it's tender as well. It has a fairly equal serving but I think I won't be spending for this again unless the meat is soft because I don't have any problem with its taste.

My next goal would be these very pleasant eye candies. I do hope that they taste as good as how they look. I can't wait devour them all. I'm not into sweets, madalas takaw-tingin lang talaga ako. (haha!)

I gladly ended the day by finishing my milk tea. I must agree when my boyfriend told me that if you're looking for certain kind of food, you must first try those places who specialize in it. For milk teas, Tea Amo will always have a special place in my heart :)

Tea AmoG/F Sanny Sweets Bldg.Tionko Ave., Davao City


  1. hmmm.. about the hickory smoked ribs, mas maganda siguro if they drizzled with something para mas mouthwatering tingnan.. :D

  2. Haha as in. Same insights, di siya appetizing kahit anong pagpipicture gawin ko :D