Wednesday, July 10, 2013

App Review + Happy Birthday Hay Day

I don't know what has gotten into me. I've never really been a fan of playing farming simulation games (i.e. Farmville) but this is an exception. I've been playing it for 
quite some time now and I used to have two accounts when I thought 
I lost the first one.From my last semester in college up to my bum
 days at present, this was what kept me from boredom.

Last June 13 they launched a new update where players can now go fishing to 
collect different species of fish and fish meat. It gave the the players more 
chances of earning diamonds for them to use on decorations, buy 
missing ingredients or even to immediately finish the
 production of a certain product. The downside, 
you have to spend tickets!

Last night, I got a new update and this was what welcomed me when I opened it today.
 It's Hay Day's 1st birthday and the Hay Day Team gave away 10 diamonds to 
all of their players. In addition, look at all those livestock-turned-party-animals.
 Aren't they adorable? All of a sudden they're wearing sunnies, hats,
 scarves and other trinkets.

Below is my humble farm. So far, so good. Level 47 and with enough gold and 
diamonds. I never really got the chance to play other farm sims but I
 think this is the most appealing. 

PROS: Touch and Swipe (Harvest, Collect and Sow)
Interactive, full of surprises, amazing graphics and FREE

CONS:  It can be quite repetitive over time.

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