Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Starbucks: Well Spent Rainy Days

My newest favorite, Asan Dolce Latte :)

On a bed-weather day like this, people would usually stay at home, on their couch and watch a movie. It works the other way around for me and my partner. I would recall that he would always need to do errands and me being the good girlfriend that I am would accompany him wherever he goes. It's a good thing Starbucks is there  to provide a comfortable place to stay no matter what the weather is. 

Can you remember the efforts you pulled off to collect those stamps for your Starbucks 2013 planner? Half of the year is already gone and so are half the pages and coupons of your planners. I never got the chance own one but I've been enjoying the coupon treats from my boyfriend's planner. It was thoughtful of them to provide special promos that
 could bring you and a friend together to spend time over a cup of coffee.

I've been missing Davao. Starbucks in SM Bacoor, Cavite doesn't seem comfortable enough for me. A lot of my friends are intimidated to enter it plus they charge P60/hour for their wifi. I miss the warm shout of greetings of Starbucks (SM City Ecoland) attendants and the several familiar faces I've been bumping into every once in a while. Those were well spent days even though the weather wasn't that friendly.

Starbucks, Ground Floor
SM Annex, SM City Davao
Ecoland, Davao City


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