Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cara's Food Haven: A Quick Visit

I don't know what brought us to talk about cakes but a friend butt in and bragged about a place that sells this uniquely delicious cake that he gives to his girlfriend. He even told us that if it's not from Cara's, his girlfriend wouldn't like it that much. Our curiosity grew even more because we can't just visit the place right away. It's not available in Davao City because its main and only branch is located in Panabo.

When we got the chance to go to Compostela Valley for a relief operation, we decided to drop by at Cara's Food Haven. Cara's pala is a dessert garden. When you open the door and make a first step inside, you'll be welcome by the sweet interiors and of course a display of their sweet pastries.

They also serve short orders and other meals and the fun part is you also get to choose where to stay. You can finish your meal inside where everything seems so chic or outside, in the garden, where you get to enjoy your piece of cake at a serene outdoor environment.

I really hoped that we have stayed longer, the place could have been relaxing but since we needed to travel back to Davao we just tasted a slice of their cakes and ordered some to go. The first time I encountered chocolate moist, it gave me a new perspective on how chocolate cakes should taste. When I tried Cara's oh so flavorful chocomoist it was like putting the standards for chocolate cakes to a much higher level again. I highly recommend this.

If you want an idea regarding their rates, I hope this can help:
Chocomoist Php 900 (Whole) & Php 480 (Half)
Food for the God Php 380/box
Cappucciono Bar Php 380/box
Carrot Cake Php 200 (Half) & Php 40/serving
Mugu Mugu Php 45
Banana Muffin Php 65/serving

These are just some of their product rates. They also have special package rates if you want to celebrate an occasion at their place. For a more updated information you may contact them at the given number below.

Cara's Food Haven
700 Mahogany Street, 8105 Panabo, Davao
(082) 628 6199


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