Monday, July 15, 2013

Morning Fruit Shake

I swore to live a more healthy lifestyle when 2013 came and I realized that I can't instantly change it. However, I'm trying so hard especially when it comes to food. I used to go gaga over fast food and junk foods but realized that I'm getting older already. I can pinch fats from my back, my arms and I'm no longer confident with my thighs. My metabolism isn't as fast as before. If I must say, I don't have any physical activities, too. LITERALLY. I've been like this for two months (NOT proud). I blame myself for being unemployed.

Enough about my rants. Here's what I've been doing to cope up with bum lifestyle. I choose a more healthy meal than combining immobility and junk/processed foods.  If I do that, I'll be a pig in no time. I substitute 1 or 2 of my meals with fresh fruit homemade shake. For today's breakfast, we concocted a fruit shake composed of watermelon, carrots, melon, grapes, mangoes and apple. No sugar, just fruits, a veggie and ice cubes.

They say that watermelons are the richest source of lycopene (the color clearly shows that it's rich with red carotene). They're good for the skin and for our blood vessels. They are natural anti-oxidants that can help prevent sunburn and wrinkling.

If there's one thing you can never force me to eat, it's carrots. I'd rather eat ampalaya than carrots because I don't like it's taste. For me, their not taste-bud-friendly. However, since we're mixing a lot of fruits together mama decided to put raw carrots. She said I won't be able to taste it.

Carrots, as we all know, are good for the eyes. But did you also know that carrot juice is called the golden juice of healing? Research shows that it's also good for cleansing and restoring the liver. Yes, another natural detoxifier.

Aside from it's good for the skin, papaya is  rich in Vitamin A and it can also help boost our immune and digestive system. Eat papaya regularly, it helps prevent colon cancer.

One good thing about grapes is that it can help power up weight loss. It is capable of reducing the ability of cells to lose fat. All in all. it's good  for fighting diabetes, muscle recovery and reduction of heart-attack risk. Since it's not that affordable, we could always find other substitutes.

We also included apple in one of the ingredients. However, be careful of non-organic apples because those kinds of apples are considered as one of the worst food for the body because there aren't very resistant to pest.

On the contrary, if you buy organic apples the 'apple a day' adage would make sense. Generally, it's good for the heart, helps in weight loss and boosts endurance.

Last but not the least, mangoes. Mangoes are known to be the King of Fruits because it's rich in nutrients. It's rich in vitamins A, C, E and different kinds of carotenoids. It improves digestion, helps in diabetes, boosts immune system, lowers cholesterol and helps unclog pores.

Here's the end product. It makes 2-3 servings. A glass full of nutrients, fresh and home-made. Try it because it's not only refreshing, it's also very very nutritious. Making a fruit shake makes it easier to consume different kinds of food at once. A world renowned preacher shared that we need 15 variants of fruits daily to get all the nutrients we need. I'm following this because I want to live long :)

We're using an 8 speed Osterizer blender. It's very effective in making juices, smoothies, purees and basically shakes just like what we did here.

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<3 Pau


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