Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Loving My Looloo App

Technology has really been at its toll in making life fun, easier and more convenient. It has improved a lot  of activities and it has created a lot of new activities as well.

I remember having my first phone, I asked for it because I wanted to communicate with my highschool friends even if I'm home. It served as a tool for communication, calendar, camera, watch/alarm clock and a temporary escape for boredom (playing old school games: snakes).

The above mentioned along with internet use is now but a basic feature of smartphone/iphones. What I love about today's technology is the presence of thousands of applications (a.k.a apps) which could be useful depending on what purpose do you want it to serve. My most used apps would be a few social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail), games (Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, Hay Day, PvZ2, etc.) and Looloo.

Looloo is not one of my recent downloads. I've had it for quite sometime and I instantly fell in love with it. Here's a description from its developer "looloo is for anyone who wants to explore Manila and the rest of the Philippines! It's an ideal app for foodies, spa junkies, and nightlife lovers - anyone who loves going out." When I stumbled upon their advertisement on Facebook, I didn't hesitate installing it.

I've already entered lifestyle and food blogging so there's NO REASON for me to NOT want this application. It's like Instagram for food (and other service providers) + Facebook/Twitter + Games all in one app!

What I do with Looloo:

1. Discover

"Discovering infinite places" was the the real story behind Looloo's name. Check it HERE because I'm not making that up.

For me, Looloo has been very helpful when I'm in need to find a certain establishment, or even a new place to try. It's also nice that I can filter my search in accordance to my preference. Is it American for breakfast, Italian for lunch or Mediterranean for dinner? Let Looloo help you discover.

Another thing I enjoy from this app are the badges. It's just so tempting and challenging to collect all of them. How to do that? Just keep on discovering and visiting a lot of places and you won't even notice that you're earning them already. Fun, isn't it?

2. Review and Recommend

When trying to discover what places to try, reviews will be there to make it easier for you to pick. You can also write an honest reviews to help other looloo users land on the right decision and experience that wonderful experience.

Recommendation can be done by two ways. First, you can recommend a place to your friends which you think they'll be glad to try because you had an awesome experience yourself. Second, recommend a place to Looloo admin if you noticed that the place is not included in their database. You'd be amazed how quick and nice their work is.

How about you guys? Any interesting apps to share? If this app caught your attention, visit HERE and download your own Loooo application, proudly Pinoy! :)


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