Thursday, November 7, 2013

Napoles in the Court of Public Opinion

Earlier today up until late afternoon, I tuned into different channels just to watch Ms. Napoles' Senate hearing. I was hoping I'd get something from it but I think the senators were more disappointed for not getting any truth from her. From what I can remember, she just presented a series of  "hindi ko po alam," "hindi ko maalala," and "I invoke my rights against self-incrimination."

If it was a TV show, it'll be a complete waste of airtime. It was all thanks to Ms. Miriam Defensor Santiago that some sense came to what I was watching. She didn't bother asking a lot of questions. Maybe she knows she won't get much from Ms. Napoles. Instead, she talked to her as a legal adviser and explicitly told her what to do - - - divulge who the real master mind is and be spared from the almost perpetual imprisonment.

I also agree that Ms. Santiago isn't belittling Ms. Napoles when the former kept on reiterating that the latter came from a poor family and she only finished secondary education in Basilan. The former is just insinuating that there's a greater corrupt mind responsible for  all of this and he should be the one being trialed. 

It has been an entertaining sight for some but this is real life. Justice should be served. 

Think of our loved ones who worked hard knowing the tax they pay would be of help to this nation, think of the agricultural farmers who burn their backs under the heat of the sun and does not what they deserve. 

Wtfudge ornamental fertilizers for agri-crops? Gotta love orchids from now on.


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