Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lazy First Day

How long have I been missing? Most of the time I really wanted to blog but I'm just too busy or too lazy to do so.  My conscience haunts me. Guilty. So here's what happened on my first day of class.

This one's my last "first day of class" after a semestral break so I might as well enjoy it even if it can be so stressful. I'm carrying 15 units only and most of my classes are from 6pm - 9pm. Oh sweet mashed potato I don't want the schedule but I really don't have a choice. 

So this was also my lazy OOTD. My friends and I talked prior to the resume of classes that we would dress up for our blogs but I was, AGAIN, lazy to do so hence the white shirt and the jeggings. I felt perfectly comfortable in them though. Moreover, it nightlights my oh so morena skin, don't you think?

Benj & Jam

Charles & Jam

So to cut this short, my only class for the day would start at 6pm but our teacher didn't show up so we ended up snapping pictures before going home.

Several hours we're wasted *sigh*

Hope you guys enjoyed your all your firsts be it in school or in all other activities. It's supposed to make a mark on you; something that you'll forever remember and learn something from.

Good night for now :)

TFS, Pau <3


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