Monday, November 12, 2012

Lola's Girl

When I stated before that my mother is my number one fan, I was mistaken. Somebody bagged the title from  the day I was born up until now. This person has been the first mother to me, my first mentor, my supporter, my adviser, my protector and my best friend.

This post is dedicated to my dearest Lola. I was given away after birth and my grandmother gladly accepted to take care of me for good. For some reason after a year, my mom took me back and they brought me to Manila leaving my grandmother alone at our province.

She couldn't bare losing me so she went to Manila from time to time until she lived with us and continued taking care of me. Fast forward to the present, it was still her by my side. She's the one collecting my pictures from different events and compiling them, the one who's eager to know the latest happenings in my love life, the one who takes care of me and the one who boasts my achievements and story tells about them.

Now I'm being so sensitive. I'm okay. I'm just glad to take my grandmother to another date. As what I've said in my post here.

My boyfriend and I took her out for snacks and a movie. Simple things may bring great joys to the ones we love. I do believe that the best things in life our free. In my Lola's case I know it's just my effort, time and love <3

Blurred pictures. We kept on moving because Lola is shy to face the camera :)

That's it. My thoughts shared since I've been MIA for a while now.

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Goodnight guys.

Lola's Girl, Pau <3


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