Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sweet Escape II

In my previous post, HERE, I introduced a place where you can go if you want to be away from the urban area. However, I know some people who loves to leave their polluted area (for quite some time) but not their activities (online). Being out of town and into a mountainous area also means you may not get hold of the internet connectivity you've been addicted to or even deprive you of getting the best the electricity can offer.

Worry not. I assure you that you won't only be greeted by the hospitable staff and ethnic-like interiors but with a taste of your urban lifestyle in a rural venue, as well.

When we got to the place, we had lunch and managed to settle down and prepare for work. However, we were distracted by the aura of the "Main House" where we stayed. After one preview of a snapped photo, we realized how it looked like we're in abroad hence we took several more shots.

It is obviously cold. Tanghali pa talaga yan ah and we're already wearing our jackets considering the house is not air conditioned. It need not to be. It's very cold already.

Their cameras are now laid for work. Sorry lang dahil na-out of place ang baby Canon ko.

Our task really is to shoot and make a promotional video and layout for the place. We had a few shots but had to wait until tomorrow because the rain poured that day and fogs already covered  the view.

 So what did we do instead? I told you tech savvies to not worry, right?

We watched Avatar and Iron Man in 3D! Woooo! :)Awesome, right? If you choose to stay in the "Main House," you can avail these stuff. It costs P7500.00 and it's good for 12-15 people. Great deal.

The whole resort is wi-fi din. 
Bongga, right? :)

There, I ended up putting the prices but if you have further questions please visit :)

Okay. Let's go back to my post, shall we? 

Ooops! I'm not a lazy worker, okay? I'm just doing my job. Mag-emote este mag-model. I know it would be very cold to dip in the pool if the climate is already cold however you can get used to it. Beat the temperature. Isipin mo nalang, at least hindi ka mangingitim. It rains there most of the time.

For some who wants to stay in doors why not play Wii, billiards or even visit their Karaoke bar. It's still on the process of construction but should you wish to avail the activity, the equipment is already available.

Haha. Hello CCTV camera. That's me smiling and waving at it. I know most of us consider the security of the place where we are stay so here goes my another "worry not" phrase from me because the place has a LOT of built in cameras to monitor everyone who comes and leaves the area. I hope you can visit the resort.

Safety FIRST! :)
Good night dear readers.

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