Thursday, November 8, 2012

Warm Rainy Days

For those who guessed that the title comes from a romantically involved person, I guess you're right. To love and feel loved is a very warm feeling a person can enjoy. These are some of the feelings which makes a relationship long and lasting.

Now, forget about the drama. My boyfriend and I celebrated our 11th monthsary by going some place else, even if it is raining. I must say that the ratio of this relationship is 50:50. 50% love and 50% eatfest. Instead of visiting the usual, we grabbed our lunch at Boyd's Pizza House.

We've been hearing a lot of compliments about their food and we'd like to try it for ourselves. After eyeing it for quite some time, we finally conquered the resto! Hey, just a random recall of me reading a complaint from a blog about their area. Boyd's seems to have a shabby place but I like it just the way it is. Simple. In addition, they make up with their food so what's a  superb interior if the food is inferior, right?

Ughh! I hate my self for not jotting down the names and prices of what we had. I want to give you not just our perspective of what we had during that time but I also hope to give you a preview of what they have in store for you. I shall post a review when I get to have a time to go back. What I can assure you now is the food, place and price is mighty fine. Moreover, I must say that say have a very accommodating and friendly staff to think that they are guys. We're impressed and looking forward to dropping by and pigging out their lustful delicacies.

Curiosity strikes me and I wish to do have an interview with someone who's in charge. Let's know their brief background or even something about their humble beginnings, what do you think? :)

Try it for yourselves :)

Boyd’s Pizza House
#1 Josie Apt., E. Palma Gil Street
Bo. Obrero, Davao City
Phone: (082) 300-8877

More information here:

Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3


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