Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sweet Escape

At last I have now posted my sweet escape to Digos, Davao City last semestral break. My friends and I brought cameras and I really wanted to compile all the photos first before making a post. However, we are all so busy and I haven’t done it yet but I badly want to share this already so here are some photos for you to get a view of the paradise I’m referring to :)

Welcome to Ang Tribu Bagobo Woodlands. Aside from culture, Mindanao indeed has rich natural wonders as well.
Thanks for inviting us Madam Kimmy and also to Miss Nene, owner of the place, for accommodating us even if you're far away from here. Ate Nene is currently in Australia but her relatives are the ones who manage the area.
Here's a snapshot of me and my classmates Jam and Dimple :)

We volunteered and were sent to the area to work (all expense paid) but it was more of a vacation for us. The place is so tranquil, peaceful and quiet and the view is to die for. ATBW is a resort and recreational area that’s perfect if you want an escape from the busy and crowded life in the city.
If you want to go camping, then here's a gigantic tent for you. It has a lot of compartments and it sort of reminded me of an evacuation area (in a good way) haha.
...and this one, don't you think it somehow resembles the Banaue Rice Terraces? The view here is superb.
Instantly fell in love with this. Thanks to Louie for capturing this.
I know I also did mention of the low temperature. I can really compare it to the coldness in Baguio but much more cooler since it was raining by then.
So here I am. Posing. Not swimming? Of course I did. But I had to internalize before jumping into the water. It was freakin' cold :)
A part of their green house.
Mountains! Oh they're so dear to me (I used to be an active climber) I hope I can get together again with my club 'mates and go hiking with them again..

Greens everywhere. Cold weather. Foggy atmosphere. Birds eye view of the hills around you. A perfect scenery and a perfect description of “bukid.” In Luzon, we describe/define “bukid” as farm but here in Davao they also call the mountains “bukid.”

...will end my preview for now. However, if you want to know how to get there and how much will it cost you (a justifiable rate of course for a worthy experience), then go visit their website HERE.

The 2nd part part of this post would be about our play and work time :)

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