Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I was out for a long time and wasn't able to update my blog. Define BUSY. Aside from my personal schedule, my uncle who just  bought a house somewhere in Tigatto (sounds far, it's really a far place) needs to transfer by the end of October. Since I live with them, I have to pack things and get ready to move in to a new home. 

It's a 45 minute travel from downtown but can be cut to 30 minutes if your on your own wheels. They we're very lucky to buy a corner lot plus another lot beside it which makes it very spacious. Surprisingly, I like the place except when the sun starts to rise. The temperature there annoys me in ways you can't imagine. 

So that explains why I was missing in action. NO internet connection until next week. Today's my first day in class since we had our sembreak. Hangover -.- Being lost in the blogosphere/cyberzone for a few days makes me surprised that there were a lot of changes, notifications, back, logs, upcoming events plus schooling. Oh no!  ...will cope up with these changes real soon.

Now do you want to see my surprised/unprepared face?


I'm not confronted with my parent's homily, a proposal or even a professor asking me a difficult question. I was just introduced to a group of Japanese eating their dinner. It was a majestically awkward entrance. They all stopped eating, turned my way and give compliments. Awkward me, responding awkwardly. 

Top: Pickled and Peppered.
Need to head to class first. I hope you had a surprisingly (non-awkward) memorable first day be it at work or at school. Ciao for now.

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Love lots,
TFS, Pau <3


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