Friday, December 28, 2012

Dressed Up for Vegas

A person’s event visit would never be complete without his or her attire. People always put extra effort especially when attending birthdays, reunions and even Christmas parties.

 I think every girl had been confronted of the dilemma that she has nothing to wear (when in fact there are a lot of clothes in her closet) She just want something new.

I won’t deny that I am guilty of what I’m saying. I always want to get dolled up and wear something that’s in style. However, most students (including me) face budget deficit. Here’s my secret and a glimpse of what I wore to Davao Bloggers Christmas party.

The bead works <3
Flash overload. So this is how I look when I'm tisay :P
I really appreciate my morena skin tone  though :)

This candy green textured gown with a very high slit and a daring back matched our Vegas themed party. I wanted to pair it gold accessories and a pair of gold pumps. . . silver would also do. However, I’d rather be simple than over do it or worse, go over my budget.

A glimpse of me at the party: Photos above are from Kuya Mike and Kuya Fra :)

I think I pulled of a simple, sexy and classy look. Here’s some shots where my boyfriend and I took advantage of the street lights after the party. 

Hair and Make Up AND this DRESS for Php700 only
c/o Ate Mara :)

I hope I did justice to this dress.
Love lots,

TFS, Pau <3


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