Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tested&Tasted: Cafe France (Bolton)

Cafe France is known for their fresh and healthy food. Unlike other Cafes, they are more renowned for their fresh bread and pasta. This disregards the thought that cafes are just a place to hangout and sip a cup of coffee.

Now, I know this place and their prices can be intimidating for some but I'm really excited to share (for those who are not aware) an existing promo where you can avail their delicious salad and pastries for only half of it's original price.

This specific post, however, pertains to its Bolton branch (just above the Manila Bulletin office) only. It was placed in a busy area yet only a few customers eat at the place because I guess there is a problem with the visibility of the entrance to the cafe. So, allow me to share our inexpensive and worthy experience at this cafe.

I went there with my boyfriend's family. Tita Susan decided to eat dinner at Cafe France after we attended the mass. We're just in time for dinner and for the 50% discount for pastries and salad.

What am I talking about?

These mouth-watering regular orders are excluded from the discount yet all your fresh greens and freshly baked breads are included. Talk about affordable and healthy food. Indeed, we experienced a sumptuous dinner and here's what we got:

We took advantage of the salads and pastries! Since we saved a lot because of the BIG discount, we ordered pastas as well. It was money well-spent :)

It's also good to know that Cafe France is not just great for their food but for the store's ambiance as well. It has undeniably managed to be a relaxing place to hangout and start a meaningful conversation even though it's placed in the noisy streets of Bolton. Overruled by street foods, tiangge and commercial spaces, Cafe France stood out of all the business establishments in the area without being out of place but letting people be out of the "busy Bolton" place once they managed to enter the cafe.

With it's modern classic type of interior, it releases a very relaxing vibe to its customers who opt to spend a quiet meal, fine food and good company. I highly recommend the place and please do avail the 50% discount for pastries and salad which starts from 6 o'clock in the evening and ends at 11 o' clock (every single day).

. . .and because we can't get enough of it, we had a second visit to celebrate our 1st anniversary.
It just had to be a special place . . .
Some place like,
Cafe France.

<3 <3 <3

I know you may have a lot of inquiries so please feel free to visit their
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Ciao. Thanks for dropping by.

TFS, Pau <3


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