Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Year at Prestige

Wanting to consume my spare time on something productive, I attended a screening for a 
modelling agency on one fine day of my semestral break. I have this classmate
 (under the same agency I am referring to) who earns extra income by modelling.
 Never have I imagined the impact it would inflict on me.

Models can be classified: Ramp, Print and Push. 
Prestige Models and Talents do cater to all of these categories but we cannot deny 
the fact that promo models are more in demand because there are a lot of events
 (in need of usherettes and push girls) rather than photo shoots or fashion shows.
As a matter of fact, my  first work under Prestige was a push girl for Premier Max condoms.
 It wasn't really a good exposure but I really need the work. Moreover, I was never ashamed of it but rather proud for being brave enough to face the men present in the event and distribute condoms...

If it weren't for that event, I would've been single until now. Aw, I'm sorry for this awkward reminiscing. But hey, are you from Davao City? do you aspire to become a model? are you looking for a part-time job? Interested in meeting new people, making memorable experiences and honing your skills in relating with other people? You might want to join me in this agency.

Be fierce and face the camera. I think being affiliated with Prestige made me more confident and boosted my self-esteem.

Look how awkward (and fat) I look when I started a year ago.
I am never this shy now. Moreover, I also became more 
conscious of how I appeared in public (if I'm not lazy) 
and try to be presentable, most of the time :)

Suzuki Apparels Fashion Show at Marco Polo

Aside from the income and the exposure, what did I get from this decision? I gained friends, established relationships and got a sense of independence. I learned how to manage my schedule and balance my time allotments for work and for school.

In short, responsable ako (I'm responsible) and I know that I am solely accountable for my decisions and actions.

Next, I learned how to stand up. Literally. In this fashion show, I fell on my knees because I stepped on the very looooooooong trail of this gown. I did not lose composure and in a split second I stood up. I didn't know how I did that but I didn't care. The audience applauded and it made me more at ease.

In some work experiences, I also learned to compose and humble myself. There are times where people look down on you (for being an usherette) but there are also times where they look up on you, wants to have a picture with you and treats you extra special.

I had annoying and maddening situations that I had to handle with a smile on my face and my kind approach to these kind of people has been practiced and perfected for more 
than a year now.

Oh, I'm just so glad to be where I am right now. We had this client from Manila who owns an advertising agency and he's inviting me to join their company right after my graduation. Isn't it lovely? All my hard work paid off, I'm glad they noticed my diligence at work.

Ms. Chen How

To our talented make up artist and manager, thank you for the opportunity. Prestige Models and Talents has well served its purpose of being an avenue of developing one's skill and personality.


Do you need models or do you want to be one?
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Prestige Models Davao

A happy prestigious year to me :)

I know I've imparted another portion of my life to my dear readers.

TFS, Pau <3


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