Saturday, December 15, 2012

“Good taste, great pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews”

Life is best enjoyed with a great partner that either highlights or compliments your personality. A significant person which would bring out the best and even the worst in you. This  also applies to the food and the drinks we take.

 Take for example these Lifestyle Brews of San Miguel. 1) San Miguel Premium All Malt is smooth and matches sophisticated palates; 2) San Miguel  Super Dry has a crisp taste and is good to drink while relaxing and; 3) San Miguel Cerveza Negra, on the other hand has a sweet aroma that entices ones pleasure to drink.

Each of these 3 has a distinct taste and is great even when drank purely or even without 'pulutan'. However, there's that various matches of different dishes which makes them a great pair and gives them that wonderful taste a person looks for when drinking comes into mind.

So here's our take on what can possibly be a good pair of all the 3  brews. We went for the "Pambansang Inihahain sa Piyesta" --- Lechon Baboy.

Separately, they already taste good but try consuming them together then it'll be a divine experience.

Drinking and eating lechon has been a symbol of celebration for us Filipinos. We spend time with our friends by hanging out and pigging out on different foods. At times, we also converse and catch up with each other over a bottle of beer or two.

Why not not combine the two and share a wonderful time?

It's not as if we're alcoholic but I'd rather refer to it as social drinking wherein the conversation becomes more entertaining when we're accompanied by San Miguel beer. 

After a busy week, we tried to trim  down our budget by not going somewhere to drink. Instead, we bought bottles of Cerveza Negra and San Miguel Super Dry and hung out at home. The experience doesn't matter in the place where you stay but with the company you have.

In our case, we chose to be accompanied by these drinks and of course its super yummy pair - - the juicy and salty 'Lechon'  from Beloy's lechon belly.

 “Drinking experience that’s above the ordinary”

So, how about you? What do you want to eat with your favorite San Miguel Brew? :)

TFS, Pau <3


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