Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Roller Coaster

The year 2012 wasn't so nice to me in it first half. It has been a helluva roller for me because the turn of things wasn't predictable. . .isn't so acceptable.

I was so happy to hit the first month for being in a real relationship for the first time. However, it was also my first time to spend the Christmas (and New Year) alone. It was my first time to spend my Christmas vacation in Davao as well.

Our blooming relationship :">
A little ways down the road by March-April of last year; my boyfriend visited me in Manila for summer vacation. It was also my 1st time to celebrate my birthday (19th) with loved ones other than my parents. We (with my family) all hit the road to Ilocos Sur for a delightful summer.

After that, there was a sudden change of treatment towards my boyfriend. Back in Davao, I was kicked out of the house by June, few days before our classes resume. No financial aid came for my studies so I had no other option but to seek for my uncle's help. He paid for everything that I needed and he may not know how grateful I am.

If you're wondering why I'm kicked out of the house, I really can't tell. I, myself, am confused as well. I don't know what I did to deserve such. 

For the first time, I was troubled financially. I have to skip classes at times to give way to modelling rakets. There was a lot of expenses as I am a graduating student and I don't want to ask everything from my uncle.

I was at my lowest point for several months. thanks to Chino for not leaving me. . . I needed him more than I want him at that time. Thanks so much babs! :)

The latter part of the year was fun-filled though. Parties! There were a lot of parties (last school parties, blogger event parties and there's just too many to mention. Let le photos speak for themselves:

I got invited to Positive's premiere night at Gaisano Mall.
The 3rd year Mass Communication's tribute party for us, seniors :)
MC 3rd year party's theme: SEXY! :)
It was the most memorable slumber party ever. MC juniors and seniors + our awesome teacher = a great party :)

Awesome teacher = Sir Rikki and this bonggang intermission number :))

MC Senior's Christmas party :)
It was our first time to have a block Christmas party. . . and our last kasi graduating na. Ang corny noh. Sayang sana naman kumpleto man lang kami. Anw, we had fun (for those who were present) 
And so, for the major turnover of that year, I went back to our province for Christmas break and the rest was history. My mother started to converse with me again. It's as if nothing happened. As much as I want to question her, I'd rather enjoy the reconciliation. for Christmas' sake! :)

Pau <3


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