Thursday, January 3, 2013

One of the Last Few

This is but another OOTD, one I wore on one of my last few remaining "wash days" at school. 8 more Wednesdays (school days) mean 8 more chances to get into school without wearing my uniform. Time really flies because it was only like yesterday when I first attended college, gained a friend (now my best friend and my forever seatmate), gained a suitor, an achievement, a rumor, an enemy, and all other firsts I encountered in college.
Those 4 years felt like they were just a few months but what I cannot measure is the relationships I built, the friends I had and the memories we shared and most especially the experiences that I had which brought me new lessons and new perspectives.

Artwork: Shirt/Flats
Girbaud: Bag
Jag: Jeans
Bazaar Finds: Necklace

Tees, jeans, sling bags and glasses.

That's my most used clothes/things when I was a freshman. Wearing flats was an improvement because I used to wear sneakers. I dressed boyishly then but I feel comfortable. Today, I seldom wear a shirt but I still love how it functions. It's easy to pair with, comfortable and very simple :)

TFS, Pau <3


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