Friday, January 25, 2013

ParTea! ParTea!

I've had a ParTea! ParTea! earlier today with a new tea room opening at Jacinto St. to add with the several joints of options for milk tea lovers (including me) in Davao City.  Within 45 days, they were able to open 5 ParTea ParTea shops (4 of them are stalls located at Victoria Plaza, DMSF, Woodridge and one at Stella Maris Academy). Today, they opened in front of Ateneo (de Davao) campus and is now ready to serve us their delightful beverages.

Good news for SPCians, I heard they're planning to open a branch near your school. Back to my sharing, I got early for this event. There was a blessing ceremony, ribbon-cutting, snack and the moment we've all been waiting for - - - wanting to taste a new concoction/proportion of milk teas.

Even though they lack time in preparation, it doesn't really hinder the opening (as well as their products).  Take for example the cashier/front desk picture above this text, I find it really difficult to read the products from the menu board because the font size is a bit too small. I'm glad they said they would replace this.

Anyways, congratulations to ParTea ParTea for I know it'll be a hit to a lot of students from ADDU.

The place is not that cozy compared to coffee shops but it's air-conditioned and has a clean rest room. It's something that the nearby food corners doesn't have. I love it and I've just spotted a new place where I can have my daily dose of milk tea.

Above photos are what Jonas and Algene had: Pudding milk tea and Chocolate flavored milk tea, respectively.

Wintermelon was what I chose for myself. This is the most saleable flavor in almost all milk tea shops and this new recipe is a must try for me.

There are milk teas I do not wish to repurchase and this is not one of them. It's a little bit coarse but I think I like this proportion of milk and tea even though it may be a little too sweet for some. Their pearls are good, too. My boyfriend and I used to categorize pearls as: nanlalaban and di-nanlalaban. This one is under the first and thumbs up for that.

I also liked that their wintermelon has a mousse; it's something others don't offer. My verdict for this flavor is 4/5. 

To wrap up the story, me and my Davao Blogger friends are thankful for the invites to this opening. Moreover, we had a wonderful conversation, of course, over our cup of delicious milk teas. Happy tummies. Indeed, tea has never been so much fun! :)

ParTea ParTea
Jacinto St. Davao City

(In front of Ateneo)

For inquiries, you may visit their Facebook page:

ParTea ParTea :)


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