Thursday, January 3, 2013

Splash of Colors

Do you know how excited it is to reward yourself after a long day’s work especially if you know you’ve exerted all effort possible just to satisfy your teachers and all the others who expect a lot from you? That’s exactly how I felt when I bought these flats. I am used to buying gifts for other and I enjoy doing it so I seldom get to have something for myself.  I’m just glad that when I decided to buy these, they were on sale. It cost me Php 450 only, this was indeed a good catch.

It must be really true that the only constant thing in this world is change. I used to be a black and white type of girl. My wardrobe rarely contains other colors apart from what I mentioned earlier. However, today you can’t imagine how much I drool over anything colorful I see. This must be my kikay phase  :)

How about you? Have you noticed some changes over the past few years?
Happy New Year.

TFS, Pau <3 


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