Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas Break in a Nutshell

Family picture :)

I went home for Christmas and I've finally reconciled with my mother. It was a  year-long war with her in Cavite and I in Davao, there weren't any chances of  saying apologies. Last Christmas brought us back together and we're a better family now.

What I do love most about going home is that I can splurge on food and of course I get to enjoy my meal with my family. Here in Davao I have to  maintain a strict budget with regard to my food expenses but back at home, mama and papa would be very happy to  feed me.
I feel that I am missed :)

More family pictures! Have you noticed how we tried to match our outfit? Everyone must have the shade of gray. Before stepping out of the house, we make sure that we'll have our family picture taken.


We had also spent the Wednesdays hearing the Novena mass at Baclaran. Even before I was born, my mother has been a faithful devotee of Mary the Immaculate Conception (of Baclaran) You can't imagine how many people visit the church to mention their prayers and petitions. My mother is one of them.

I'm glad to have been able to bond with my Senior High School/Alberione family. I've been away for 4 years and I only get to bond with them during vacations but it has never affected our relationship.

Home cooked food (lutong bahay). It's another thing that I badly missed home. I really don't get to cook a lot at the boarding house. It's also different to have a mother who prepares 3 meals in a day for you :)

With my cousin and my brother :)
My New Year were just as happy. I've been online that time but decided to make the most out of my time by spending it with my family and not by updating my blog. HAPPY 2013! It's never too late. Photos! :)

Have you heard about the "goodbye Philippines" firecracker? Well, we did not use it. We had the most child-friendly fireworks because none of us want to welcome another year with a missing finger, arm, or anything. After a few fireworks, we hit the karaoke ad that's how we made noise :)

It has been one of the best Christmas vacation I ever had. I'm am now ready to face the Year of the Snake with high hope and a more optimistic mind >:)

Who want this wrap around snakes accessory? :)

TFS, Pau <3


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