Friday, January 25, 2013

Bioessence Launches Exilshape

Oooooh. . . boo for this backlog but nonetheless I've decided to post it. Bioessence conducted a press conference last November 26, 2012 to introduce their newest slimming treatment - the EXILSHAPE.

It was spearheaded by Dra. Guerrero, the birthday celebrant and the owner herself, Mr. Jules, their Marketing Director, and one of their endorsers Ms. Nikki Gil. Bioessence has been in the beauty and wellness industry for 18 years and I must  say they have gone a long way. They have incorporated technology to come up with good innovations that, over the years, changed the course of beauty perspective and industry.

I know we've been past the Christmas season where a lot lifted their diets and savored all the chances for eating delicious, delightful and fatty foods. Afterwards, a lot have been meaning have a new year's resolution of living a healthy lifestyle and losing the weight they gained. Moreover, summer is fast approaching and who doesn't want that body beautiful that fits in a nice trunk or bathing suit?

This now brings me to WHAT IS EXILSHAPE?

  • Exilis is the device (approved by US FDA) that can reduce fat, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • It is  non-invasive which means no break in into the skin will occur. This is not considered as a surgery. It uses thermal waves to heat up one's skin and target the fats.
  • This is applicable for those who are 10-15 lbs overweight. One must not rely on the device totally. This service focuses more on skin tightening rather than removal of fats. I put an emphasis on 'reduction' of fats and not total removal.

Grabbed this photo from Ms. Nikki Gil's IG account

So that's it. We must nurture ourselves inside and we don't have to wait until we reach 40's. Ms. Nikki Gil attended because she supports the campaign of taking care of yourself as early as 25 years old.

Davao Bloggers with Ms. Nikki Gil
We're not getting any younger. I myself would love to support this campaign <3

For inquiries, visit their website: BIOESSENCE :)


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