Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I've finally worn a skirt and I don't look slutty at all. My hips make it hard for me to wear shorts/skirts because I instantly looks like a flirtatious b*atch (sorry for the word). I'm just glad that even with this skirt on, I can look delicate and pretty.
 I do, right?  Don't I? Please just agree. Haha.

Can you also agree with me that my skirt is the highlight of this post? I'm proud to say that I bought it for Php 120 only. Talk about thrift dressing. My sweater is actually long enough that it can be a very mini dress. It's my moms. I'm glad the skirt has a shorts inside so I was able to tuck in the excess length of my top. Lovely! :)

TFS, Pau <3 


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