Monday, January 14, 2013

Le First Lady?

This is me a little bit pissed of because my boyfriend doesn't to take my outfit shot. Oh well, he really didn't tell me he doesn't want to but I assumed because of his sighs and deep breath when I asked him to. I never really liked that expression/response.
On the other hand, the considerate me thinks that he's just busy and pressured with all the things that happened this night.

Thisphoto was taken at the Tau Mu Fraternity Christmas party last December  2012. It was a Black and White Christmas party, I dressed up and I want my picture taken.

Okay, enough ranting. The truth is this event meant a lot to him and pressured the hell of him too. This is his first event, this must turn out really successful.

11 months ago I met this guy at  an event. We got each other's number, texted, dated and eventually got in a relationship. What an ease that we are both studying in Ateneo because we can see each other often.

He is a law student and I'm still a third year college pupil by then. You see, he just got accepted in this Fraternity - - - Tau Mu- - - and was elected as the master of the chest (treasurer for short) which got a little of his time because most of it was mine.

Fast forward to the next school year, he was elected as the Grand Archon (It's like equivalent to a president). Everything went really tricky, he was so busy and sometimes he cannot even dine with me. Arghh! to his appointments, meetings and to his frat-mates who call me "first lady."

So that's what's I'm doing taking pictures of random stuff. I like the setting of this area though. Their Christmas party was held at Hotel Tropika at Lanang. He was busy talking to different attorneys, justices and other colleagues so he assigns somebody to talk to me and sit beside me everytime he's not around.

As much as he wants to entertain me, I know he has commitments to these people. I get to understand that but the time he took his oath together with the other newly elected officers. As a matter of fact, I think he does very well as far as his position is concerned. Well, he's not just my photographer, he's their leader as well.

I stopped being sentimental before the event ends and I must say I did have a good time. BTW kudos to everyone and to the host of the event, Ma'am Fifi Degamo, a humanities pride (same division as mine) who helped made this event possible and extra special.

You see because I can't fit in to the flock of law people I just started to think and come up with a few realizations. haha :)

TFS, Pau <3


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