Thursday, January 10, 2013

We're Never Bored

 Nowadays, "I'm bored" is more of an expression than a cliché. I find it amusing that people cannot see that this world has endless possibilities to keep them from being bored. Allow me to blab. This is but another backlog so I don't really feel like  reviewing the restaurant.

I just decided to blog about because this was my first time to land at Bigby's and I must say I had the best impressions at the restoPlus points for their wifi connection :)

We are food junkies but there are a lot of food chains that we haven't been to. I enjoy doing so many firsts with this guy. We don't need a fancy dinner, an extravagant vacation or a luxurious hotel suite to be happy; the mere presence of each other is enough. Yes, we see each other everyday. I'm just glad that we do not face the dilemma of not knowing what to do next.

So at Bigby's we feasted on this platter and that's the end of my discussion. I love any thing pork. Fry it, grill it, and no matter how you cook it I'd like it because it's pork. The meat itself is tender and its sauce seeped into the inner part of it. Moreover, it matches perfectly with its respective dips.

Unfortunately, I forgot what this is called and how much it cost. Though you may want to try it for yourself to gain first hand experience.

Moving on to me blabbing,  look at this crepe. What seems to be wrong is the chocolate note on in. It's not my birthday and I don't celebrate it on the first month o fthe year.  The crew came out singing happy birthday with this cake on their hand and I was just amused to react that it wasn't my birthday.

Mr. Naughty boyfriend of mine secretly told the one who got our order that it's my birthday (amalayer). And so here's  their treat for birthday celebrants. I must say it was a delicious mango crepe :)

And lastly, because mango shakes are one of my comfort drinks I must testify that they had the creamiest mango shake I've tasted so far.

Ground Floor, SM City
Davao City
Tel No. +63-82-2980111

Got to go now. Clothes to be pressed are waiting for me.
TFS, Pau :)


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