Thursday, January 24, 2013

Starbuck's Verry Berry Hibiscus

For a Thursday, I get to be dismissed in class by 2:30 pm. I do not consider going home for  I'd be doing nothing but play with my  Ipod touch and so I thought of dropping by at SM City Davao. It's quite late for lunch but too early for dinner so peeping in at Starbuck's and seeing what I can get was my next decision.

If one craves for coffee, who would miss considering Starbuck's? It has one of the most finest frappes (that I love, oh so much!) and delightful sweets. However, I did not really intend to go for a cup of coffee earlier today but it's a good thing they also offer refreshments. And with that, I had this Verry Berry Hibiscus accompany me home. It tastes perfect with potato chips (proven!).

This drink's taste has a mixture of sour (more like citrus) and light sweetness in it. Talk about something new with Starbucks. What ticks my curiosity is the bitter aftertaste it leaves in my mouth.  Later on (through the help of internet), I found out that it was a concoction of  blackberries, hibiscus and green coffee extract.

I suggest that you try this real fruit juice with whole black berries in it. They (Starbucks) said that it's perfect if you want to be refreshed and re-charged the low-calorie-way. It's nutritional information can be found here: Very Berry Hibiscus

There they are. The whole black berries. Cheers and stay refreshed everyone! :)


  1. Wow! congratulations on this new blog! :D

    I happen to love strawberry too! So, I might give this drink a try.. :D

    1. Hehe Thanks Jonas! :) Ikaw na talaga ang supportive. haha.
      I think you should, tutal may food blog ka din naman. hehe :D